8 Reasons to Love Fall Kickball Games

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - 10:24

8 Reasons to Love Fall Kickball Games

Sweater weather? More like snuggie weather! From cozy theme nights to warm sideline beverages - here are 8 reasons to love fall kickball games! Read on and join a team this season

1. Knit caps and fall athleisure layers! 

2. The shorter days mean night games under the lights! 

3. A whole season worth of reasons to bring out the onesie collection

4. Snuggie bar crawls! If only we could run the bases in these...

5. Fantasy football with your kickball teammates (and new friends to watch games with!)

6. Team bonding on the sidelines

7. The weather is cold, but the flip cup tables are hot!

8. Fall = WAKAPALOOZA! Each October, CLUBWAKA hosts three kickball tournaments, The Kickball Fun Games, Kickball Open, and Founders Cup World Kickball Championship - all on one day, in Las Vegas! It's more than 300 games! This year, we're adding a Foam Dodgeball Open and Sand Volleynball Open to make it the biggest celebration of social sports in the world! Sign up and join the fun! 

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