8 Ways Social Sports Can Help College Graduates Succeed

Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 12:47

8 Ways Social Sports Can Help College Graduates Succeed

Photo: Andrew TennantSince you've officially graduated, it's time for you kick your active adult lifestyle into high gear! Securing your first job, adjusting to a new schedule, making friends, exercising regularly, eating healthier, catching up with coworkers, connecting with your community - yes, yes, yes!  

While some of these things may be harder to start than others, we’ve found that simply joining a social sports club is the quickest way to ease yourself into your new adult lifestyle, especially if you like having a full social calendar. 

Social sports clubs can be found in almost every city these days, but there’s still some confusion around what exactly they are… for those who’ve just graduated or who haven’t played social sports before, know that these are clubs of 20 - 30 somethings who get together for weekly games of kickball, volleyball, dodgeball, etc, followed by drinks or snacks at a league bar. 

Social sports clubs offer college graduates entering the workforce the opportunity to build their networks, build their skills as leaders and team players, and build fun, healthy lifestyles. 

Here are a few of the ways social sports can help college graduates succeed:

1. If you've moved to a new city for your first job, you probably need some friends. Social sports clubs are like real life social networking sites - you get the chance to meet a ton of people in your area with similar interests, and you don't have to bring your charger! 

2. During the week, if you feel like a workout, instead of heading to the gym, try joining a social sports game. You'll still get your heart rate up but the game will give you a new challenge, some healthy competition, and add variety to your fitness routine. 

3. To find cool job opportunities, try mingling at a social sports club event. No need to bring resumes or business cards - playing social sports can give you the perfect icebreaker to start up a conversation and land your dream gig.

4. Another benefit of joining a social sports club are the dating opportunities. Most citywide clubs have hundreds of members, and with a 50/50 split of men and women, you have a very good chance of meeting someone interesting. 

5. Pre-season parties, theme parties, weekly league night parties, end of season parties... even if you only make it to one event every week, social sports clubs make it easy to have a full social calendar.

6. To get more involved with your community, social sports clubs offer tons of fun volunteer opportunties for local causes. From charity kickball tournaments to park clean up days, volunteering with your local club helps you support others and can open more doors and generate long-term opportunities. 

7. If you feel like you need a break from "adulting", social sports are just plain fun! Where else can you play games and put all those glorious costumes you have from college frat parties to use?

8. Explore new places and try new things. Even though you've graduated, make sure you're still learning and growing. Social sports clubs offer tons of opportunities for mini-adventures, weekend getaways, and trips to cool places with cool people. 

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Photo Credit: Andrew Tennant

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