9 Things You Will See At WAKApalooza Weekend

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 - 18:21

9 Things You Will See At WAKApalooza Weekend

WAKApalooza Weekend is coming and its always a festival of color, kickball, and creative WAKA party people! Every year, WAKA players raise the bar on costumes, party props, and team accessories. In 2014, there was a HUGE homemade pirate ship at the field, a full circus, and a rowdy marathon game of Slip and Flip. 

Whether you plan to get yourself to Las Vegas for the whole weekend or to follow the action from home with hashtag #WAKAVegas - here's a primer of what you can expect to see:

1. You will see some of the best, most competitive, error free kickball games that you've ever seen at the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship.

2. WAKA players will smuggle inflatable toys into Las Vegas pool parties while everyone is distracted by a conga line.

3. There will be lots of team party favors, bracelets, stickers, and buttons. You will be covered with them before the weekend is over.

4. The parties are at Las Vegas nightclubs… If you’ve lost your room key, it’s 100% on the dance floor at the party.

5. There’s a free photobooth to capture your #WAKAVEGAS fun.

6. There will be a Slip and Flip field party that lasts until the final Founders Cup World Kickball Championship game!

7. The number of clothes worn by slip and flip players decreases proportionally with time.

8. There’s an entire day dedicated to crowning a beer pong champion at a pool party.

9.  There will be impromptu dance parties whereever you go.

WAKApalooza Weekend is a four-day party and kickball tournament experience in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendees can participate in the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship, the WAKApalooza Fun Games, or simply enjoy a solid line up of pool parties, flip cup tournament, bar crawl, beer pong tournamnet, and nightclub events. With an eighteen-year track record of sold out tournaments and parties, the unique combination of competition and entertainment at WAKApalooza Weekend draws thousands of WAKA players every year. 

Want to play? Sign up for a league! 

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