Be Everyone's Best Friend At The WAKApalooza Fun Games!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 15:05

Be Everyone's Best Friend At The WAKApalooza Fun Games!

Huzzah! The 6th and final Fun Games category information is here!

Do you like making friends? Do you share your toys well? How did you do in the sandbox as a child? How will you do on a foam field in the near future? Hopefully you’re a super friendly, welcoming and charming individual that pairs nicely with a boxed California Chardonnay, locally sourced organic quirkiness and a Las Vegas field FULL of crazy kickballers. And if your team is anything like you, then your team has a good chance to win this category!

How to enter:

  1. Show up with your team on Saturday and be prepared to make friends and have fun

  2. Welcome brand new players, veterans and everyone you encounter with open arms and a heart full of joy

  3. Play your kickball games with great sportsmanship, great attitudes and share your swag

Note: Swag is not required. You don’t have to spend money to win this category (or any of them), but if you’ve got it, share it!

Judging: Think of this as the Mrs. Congeniality of Fun Games Kickball. Teams should want to be you, play you, borrow your costumes (with the exception of Wayne’s speedo) and hang out with you once they leave WAKApalooza. The referees should put notes on their score cards of how amazingly gracious and generous you were during competition. The birds should chirp in anticipation of your field visit. The mosquitos should buzz with excitement about how sweet you are. The bees boobs. And not sting. And hopefully bring that awesome portable bar back to the Fun Games fields to share their nectar of the gods. We’ll be listening to reviews from all staff, referees, opposing teams, DJs, foam blasters, food truck vendors, squirrels and the occasional dog walker to compile our totality of friendly scoring information.

As with all categories, 1st place takes 30 points, 2nd place 20 points, 3rd place 10 points, and all participating teams (this is an easy participation requirement, guys) get 5 points.

Want to show off your friendliness? We don’t blame you. Join us here --->


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