WAKA visits Zappos with a thank you kickball

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - 20:06

WAKA visits Zappos with a thank you kickball

David Lowry, a WAKA co-founder, had a great experience working with a Zappos employee to exchange some shoes. Jen G., a member of the Zappos Customer Loyalty Team, took care of everything to the point that David was blown away by the experience. (Anyone familiar with Zappos’ reputation for great customer service probably knows all about this.) David took the Zappos tour during a recent visit to Las Vegas (Hey! That's the home of the World Kickball Championship® Weekend!) and was able to stop by Jen's desk to say thanks in person.

“Jen did a fantastic job working with me on the phone to make sure I was a happy customer. She then followed up with a separate personalized thank you card. So, when I took the tour of Zappos headquarters in Las Vegas, I brought along my thank you card and asked for the tour to go by Jen's desk. It was great to meet Jen in person and give her an official WAKA kickball to say thanks for the fantastic service. There were smiles and hugs all around and luckily we had a photographer in our tour group who passed along this picture.” said David.

Photo by: SteveDemeo/CountryClubPhotography.com

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