60 Teams, 60 questions - part 1

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 11:18

60 Teams, 60 questions - part 1


This is part 1 of a 3-part series briefly reviewing all 15 Pools of the Founders Cup field, and setting the scene for the 2011 World Kickball Championship.

Pool A

#1 Panik Attack (VA Southside)

The defending champions of the 2010 Founders Cup, Panik Attack haven't lost a step. The Norfolk/VA Beach region is as competitive a WAKA market as there is, and these hardened veterans continue to be the top dog, racking up 3 more League championships in the past year. Can they run the table and become the first back-to-back FC Champ since the Kick Asphalt era?


#30 Dirty Pirate Hook**s (NY Gotham)

A newcomer to the Founders Cup stage, this DPH roster does carry the DNA of some seasoned veterans from tournaments past. The New York kickball scene made waves in FC2010, and their lone 2011 representative boasts 2 League titles from the past year. Can they make a name for themselves among the NYC elite WAKA squads?


#31 Human Centipede (NC Capital)

Representing Raleigh as champs of the respected NC Capital League, the Centipede stitches together a crew of FC vets from the 2009 Ballz Deep team. Last time they scraped out of pool play - does their new squad have the depth to make a deeper run?


#60 Ponies of Death (CA Silverlake)

A name change hasn't erased the former CA Junction League's reputation as a party-driven step-child in the increasingly competitive L.A. scene.  But the Ponies have ample experience riding against the tougher sides of CA Hollywood - do they have what it takes to earn a little respect on the big stage?



Pool B

#2 Other Shot Callers - OSC (DC Liberty)

FC2010's Runner Up proudly represent WAKA's DC birthplace, and carry substantial team DNA not only from The Others (FC2009 Champions) but from other renowned DC squads going back to the legendary Kick Ashpalt franchise. OSC's shown no sign of letting up this year, tacking on 2 more League championships, and proving a threat to win any Tournament they play. Is this the year they get back to the top?


#29 Vampirates (CA Surf City)

Widely acknowledged as a top franchise in the bustling Huntington Beach WAKA scene, the Vampirates boast 2 League titles in the past year. At FC2009, they were the first Orange County team to survive pool play and reach the top 32. Can they improve on that mark in their return to the show?


#32 Holla Holla Kickballas (CA Capital)

At long last, the Sacramento WAKA scene makes its Founders Cup debut! After years of developing in relative obscurity, CA Capital has produced a worthy champion -- HHK has two League titles already, and scouts are raving about their level of play. Can they make a big splash and put Sacto kickball on the map?


#59 You Gotta Lick It Before You Kick It (MD Fire)

Representing Bethesda, in a rare FC appearance for Maryland's under-represented corner of the DC Metro area. No such thing as cut-rate kickball from this neck of the woods... but can this young team prove they belong in the same conversation as their neighbors from down the pike?



Pool C


Over the last three years, perhaps no franchise has been more feared and revered throughout the WAKA-verse than this powerhouse from South Florida. In 2008 they were the Founders Cup Runner Up, with a Quarterfinal run in '09 and an epic extra-inning Semifinal loss to Panik Attack last year. This Winter they dominated the mighty FL Beach League without allowing a run. It's almost a shock they've never won the Cup... could this be their year?


#28 Kick in a Box (VA Arlington)

This member of the DC Metro contingent last appeared at Founders Cup in '09, going 1-2 in a rough pool draw full of Florida teams. Their 2011 roster has a very different look, with enough rebuilding and veteran recruiting to put them back at the top of an increasingly strong Arlington scene. Will new blood and veteran leadership, how deep can they go?


#33 Annexation of Puerto Rico (CA Hollywood)

Stalwart vets of SoCal's oldest League, APR make their FC debut having qualified as a League Runner Up - never a small feet in CA Hollywood! With a roster enriched with a handful of FC vets, they come ready to show how deep the field is back in L.A. What kind of statement can they make against WAKA's best?


#58 TEAM BAGTAG (WV Jewel City)

From the young kickball market of Huntington, WV, this team has quickly established themselves as locally dominant and hungry to test themselves further. Can the Mountain state have an impact in this tournament?



Pool D

#4 Relax and Let it Happen (TX Capital)

Heading up the Texas delegation, these veterans from Austin are operating at an all-time high. After reaching the Quarterfinals at FC09 and advancing as a Wild Card with an injury-depleted squad last year, Relax is now riding a winning steak of tournament championships against increasingly impressive fields. Can they bring Texas its first Founders Cup Championship?


#27 Hold My Beer and Watch This (NC Glory)

The first Founders Cup participant to represent Charlotte, NC. Their impressive resume includes 2 League championships this year in the rapidly toughening NC Glory League. Scouts say they're a team to watch - can they get it done on the national stage?


#34 Pistachio Bashio (DC Atlantic)

Hailing from one of the nation's largest Leagues, PB has a strong history of success against a hard-core local field, culminating in a League Championship this Spring. Now making their Founders Cup debut, can they uphold the high expectations that come from representing the hallowed DC market?


#57 Wake N Bake (CA Big Kahuna)

From SoCal's small but scrappy Long Beach league, they'll proudly proclaim themselves "mid-range cannon fodder" - but they're not without veteran presence and a firm knowledge of the fundamentals. In their Founders Cup debut, can they parlay their enthusiasm for the game into some upset wins?



Pool E

#5 Pink On The Inside (CA Golden Gate)

The name changes, the but core remains a formidable bunch of vets with an impressive FC resume. Last year as Your Balls Are Foul, they reached the Quarterfinal round. As the Best Coast Ballers, they made the Sweet 16 at FC08, and in 2009 they became the first West Coast team to reach the FC Championship Game, losing to The Others in a memorable final. Can they carry San Francisco's torch back to the top of the kickball world?


#26 Nerdy Hillbillies UT (UT Mountain)

Utah returns to the ultimate Kickball derby in the form of these SLC vets, many of them last seen on the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers team who upset the powerful Cobra Kai to reach the top 32 at FC2009. Suffering an upset themselves in this Spring's League Tournament final, they arrive as Runners Up of the formidable UT Mountain League. They've got skills and experience - can they put it all together when the chips are down?


#35 We Got the Runs (VA Dominion)

Making their FC debut as the Runner Up from one of DC Metro's most veteran leagues, these journeymen are ready to test their mettle against Kickball's best. Scouts agree they have the talent to compete - can they hit their stride at the right time and make some noise on the national stage?


#56 All Your Base Are Belong To Us (NV Lucky)

Local teams have historically had trouble getting traction in the Founders Cup -- but that's nothing to these fighters for great justice, who have spent the last year scraping their way to the top of Vegas' oldest League. Can they find a home field advantage and prove Vegas kickball is ready for prime time?


More to come...


-- OW!


Orion Walker (@theorionwalker) is the WAKA Founders Cup World Kickball Championship Scorekeeper & lead Bracketologist, and something like the Managing Secretary of the Selection & Ranking Committee. Be sure to follow @FoundersCup for his live tournament commentary and complete game results!

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