All About Love Photo Contest Winners

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 - 12:28

All About Love Photo Contest Winners

This month, we asked WAKA players to share their love stories in our All About Love Photo Contest. The stories have been pouring in and we’ve loved every minute of it! Thank you to everyone who shared their WAKA Love stories and voted for their favorites!
Check out our judges' favorite submissions:

First Place winners: Jonathan and Elena from Florida

Moving to a new city can be scary – until you find kickball. After college, you move to the big city, get a job, and start your path. However, for us, only one had a job at the time of the move. It was a big move, and a bigger city, and the only thing familiar was Publix. Reaching out to try to meet people at mixers and socials was not working fast enough. Friends were needed if this move was going to work. And then I stumbled on what would change our life: Instantly, we had a whole group of people who would come to be part of our family. Bonds were formed, with that team, the league and with the love of the sport.
Kickball is one of my loves. It allows me to be social and meet new people all over the US. It allows me to have an instant connection with them. It introduced me to a passion of team sports and competition that I never knew was inside me. It lets me be silly by dressing up for weekly theme contests. And it keeps me young – learning the dances on the dance floor that my younger teammates know all too well. Kickball is one of my loves, my passion, and part of me

Second Place Winners - Ali W. & Andy Z. from New Mexico

“We met during the Spring 2014 season in Albuquerque.  We were both WAKA virgins at the time. Andy had recognized me from across the fields from many moons (10 years worth of moons) ago when we had drunkenly met in passing at a party.  He began volunteering to ref my games and take our team pictures, and lurking behind me at our league bar.  It took me a few months to notice his shenanigans. We finally started talking and hanging out, and 1.5 years and about 26 WAKA shirts later, we have EASILY, without contest, become Albuquerque's most lovable, pretty much perfect, best looking, most fun-loving and humble kickball couple!  It's us and WAKA against the world!” 

“WAKA has been one of the best things in my life so far. After graduating college in Minnesota, I moved to Albuquerque. I knew one family here but no one my age. I had no idea things like WAKA even existed until I googled "adult social sports" in Albuquerque and the WAKA NM ZIA League came up. I signed up, and it was the best decision I ever made. I had no idea how much my life in Albuquerque, and in the future would change. I was put on a team called the "Free Ballers" which was a team that was entirely made up of free agents. This is the team where I met Sloan. I remember the first time I saw him; we were practicing at a park in ABQ and he showed up with his Dog Murphy. I was instantly in awe of him and didn't speak to him at all. He later told me that he remembered that day as well and was also nervous to approach me.

Throughout the season, we avoided each other until Week 6, which was Halloween theme. I dressed up at the green which from Wizard of Oz and finally got the courage to talk to him. Within a few weeks, we were regularly hanging out and having real conversations :)

This spring will be our 5th season together and I could not be more in love with this wonderful man. We are on the worst team in the league, but definitely have the most fun. I owe WAKA so much for helping me find Sloan. We will be involved with kickball for life!"

We met playing dodgeball 3 years ago, and this past December we finally won a championship together!! - Paola P. 

Relationship Goals. Champions on and off the field!

Goblin King and Toby (or Chris and Danielle) #WAKANewOrleans

"It all started the summer of 2012...We ended up on the same free agent team and I caught his eye with my awesome kickball skills (really, he will tell you!). He took a season off, but reintroduced himself while I was reffing his game the next spring. I recruited him to play on my team in the VA Monument league. We became fast friends and started dating a couple seasons later. A WAKA Monument championship, his appointment as the Community Coordinator, an engagement, and the plan to include a beach kickball game at the wedding, WAKA has treated us well! #WAKALOVE #wakarva #wakasmiles"

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