Announcing Official Foam Dodgeball Rules from WAKA Kickball & Social Sports

Monday, July 14, 2014 - 15:02

Announcing Official Foam Dodgeball Rules from WAKA Kickball & Social Sports

Over the past few years WAKA has provided dozens of Foam Dodgeball Leagues in a variety of formats around the country. Through this experience and our long history of providing fun, fair and competitive games and activities, we have learned a great deal.  We are now excited to bring all our experience and your feedback together into the official WAKA Foam Dodgeball Rules, our newest, most exciting co-ed social sport experience.

WAKA’s Foam Dodgeball Leagues feature:

  • Big games and team sizes - 20 vs 20 for exciting and energizing play!
  • Soft foam balls - awesome sounds when you hit your target but no pain!
  • League bar nights after each game so you can meet and mingle with other players
  • Themed parties and events all season long

What if you could workout, make new friends, and unwind - without spending all day glued to your phone trying to come up with something to do?

What if your daily workout and social life could feel easy, relaxed, and just handled - while giving you a chance to do something purely fun?

If this sounds great, you’ve got to try WAKA’s Foam Dodgeball Leagues! All you need to do is sign up and WAKA will help you find or create a new team. You don’t need a full team to get started. The people you will get matched up with for a team will be just like you. WAKA specializes in bringing together individuals and small groups of fun people looking to play a sweaty, happy games and make new friends. Don’t miss out!

“Saying that I had fun playing WAKA dodgeball is most certainly an understatement. I played with some incredible people, got a great workout, AND met a lot of new friends. Plus, let's fact it: pegging people is just a great time.” - Player Valerie G.

The experience is best described as a party on the dodgeball court! Check out the new Foam Dodgeball Rules and sign up to play!

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