Best WAKA Kickball Instagram Photos from November

Saturday, December 5, 2015 - 09:33

Best WAKA Kickball Instagram Photos from November

It's cool weather kickball time and a season of hoodies, mulled cider, league tournaments and cozy costumes. Despite the chill, WAKA players have kept us laughing and smiling all month by sharing their fun on Instagram. Here's everything you missed from WAKA Kickball & Social Sports players on Instagram in November: 

1. Taking over the DC kickball scene, one league at a time this weekend via @Shooty37

2. Chihuahuas!!! We are going to the semi-finals!!! via @mireyna14

3. Just another night of doing work via @Gl0balcitiz3n

4. Last Nights kickball shenanigans were on point. Had a blast even though we lost via @justj3nnyftw 

5. The izzles via @del_ish 

6. Our big red balls are freezing via @1000good_vibes 

7. Back to Back Champions! via @lizhoopes

8.  Kicking balls with fairies for charity via @Neebstino

9. We came, We saw, We kicked. via @Laurie_marie 

10. Last Game of the Season #wakakickball via @Kcolom

11. Warming up for kickball with a Lagunitas IPA and a Snickers via @The_babzz 

12. End of season kickball tournament! via @brennickg

13. Team tie dye via @amy_k_ba

14. I was part of the team so I get a championship medal too via @princesscinnamonorganasolorex

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