The 11 Best WAKA Photos from July 2015 on Instagram

Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 22:59

The 11 Best WAKA Photos from July 2015 on Instagram

This summer, we’ve seen countless pictures of WAKA players and their travels and adventures on and off the field - which is exactly what summer is all about! Below is a collection of our favorites from July. Check them out! 

1.  "Sporty Malificent" made an appearance at the kickball field! via

2. Bringing kickball to Hawaii! via @ianwakakickball

3. Do it for the W! via @_sharonn

4. TX Republic League Champs! via @joncasanova

5. Lady by day, kickball cleats by night via @dimplesplease

6. 'Suck my Kick' is all business up front, party in the back via @arizwildcat520

7. Last game of the season tradition lives on - prom night! via @nlentine

8. Kickball at the capital via @kirstygodwin01

9. Ninja quick at dodging balls via @07shasta

10. A summer kickball evening at the park via @tifflitz

11. Christmas in July! via @caitlinnnmaryy

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