Best WAKA Photos on Instagram - January 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016 - 15:09

Best WAKA Photos on Instagram - January 2016

WAKA Kickball & Social Sports players captured and uploaded a ton of fun photos on Instagram in January. From your bowling league costume parties to your adventures on WAKA's Ski Trip in Lake Tahoe, here’s a round up of our favorites: 

1.  Always a good time with these peeps supporting our troops. via @davin_deshazo

2. Congratulations to Death by Snu Snu! via @nvsilverkickball

3. Kitten Beanie for the "W" #WAKAVolleyball!! via @_captkrk_ 

4. We're back :) via @momo31987

5. Mean Green getting ready for WAKA dodgeball! 

6. USA USA! Tahoe Bar Crawl on the WAKA Ski Trip via @lundyslife

7. Aint no party like a WAKA Kickball party cause a WAKA Kickball party don't stop. #gamblinggatsby via @hallieantoinette

8. Some of my favorite girlies (and dodgeball champions) via @midnitemasque 

9.  Always stretch before fighting crime or playing kickball! via @dukecitykrackheads

10. We are shotGunnerz! #wakakickball via @ogpurplebitch

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