Party Ideas That Will Make Your Big Game Celebration The Best One Yet

Sunday, February 1, 2015 - 10:59

Party Ideas That Will Make Your Big Game Celebration The Best One Yet

Game viewing parties are all about food, football, and friends. If you are hosting a party for the big game, these ideas will add to the fun with and score big points with your guests.

1. Guess the Game Score

This might be the easiest game of all games ever to add to a game viewing party. Before the football game starts, have each guest predict the winning team’s final score. Write each guess on a tag and tie it to his or her beer stein or glass. Whoever gets closest to the correct score wins.

2. Create your own Half Time Show 

Who doesn't love the thrill of singing a karaoke song?! You and your guests can show off your vocal skills with a round of karaoke at half time. Many digital cable packages have karaoke songs (with the lyrics on the screen!), or go the old-fashioned route with a karaoke machine and CDs. It's a Make-your-own-halftime-show!

3. Play Touch or Flag Football

Get off the couch and challenge your friends to a round of football in the yard or at the park down the street. It's a nice change of pace from all of that sitting! Grab WAKA’s official Flag Football game rules here.

4. Host a paper football kicking contest

Fold five to ten paper footballs and set a timer for one minute. One player will set up their thumbs as a goal post, and the other player will try to flick as many paper footballs as they can through the goal post in one minute. The best score wins!

5. Strike a pose and take a football team photo 

Get out the eye black and line up your friends for a "tough looking" football team photo to commemorate the Super Bowl. 

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