Catching up with Montgomery, Alabama WAKA player Jeff R.

Thursday, July 14, 2016 - 08:27

Catching up with Montgomery, Alabama WAKA player Jeff R.

Montgomery, Alabama player Jeff R. shares his experience playing WAKA Kickball & Social Sports for the past 7 years, his favorite things about Montgomery, how his team gets ready for games, and more…

Three words to describe your WAKA kickball team?
"Awesome, Friendship, Partying.” Our team motto is “We don't get Drunk we get Awesome”!
Do you have any fun team traditions to share?
"Our team meets a few hours before every game to tailgate at the fields. We have done this for the past 7 years and have never missed a game as a team. Every year we participate in a local charity dragon boat race with our WAKA league and we’ve won our division each time with one of our two boats. We compete against multiple gyms and softball teams. Most people are shocked at how hard we party and still stay so competitive. We have two boats with members from every team in the league and more than 80 volunteers. We won best theme last year with our Hawaiian luau. The funniest part is I walked the judges around our tent and they never found our keg hidden in a paper-mache volcano."
What are some favorite spots around Montgomery?
"I have a bunch of favorite places. We have a great minor league baseball team, a nice entertainment district downtown with some great bars but Rock Bottom our league bar is still my favorite – it’s like our own fraternity/sorority. Beer pong and flip cup on the patio, great food, live music of great upcoming bands with a hundred of your closest friends - what else could you ask for? We have a lot of history downtown with the civil rights movement. I would always recommend kayaking down the Coosa - we do a league trip every year."
What are some favorite WAKA memories?
"WOW this is the hardest question of all. I have been in the league for seven years since it started and took over my team a year later so I have a bunch. I also asked my team current and ex players what their favorite memories are and the list is long. My latest favorite memory is from this season. My teammate and I have recently started doing a play-by-play commentary of games and we’re having a blast."
Does your team have theme song?
"I would say either Up all night or Motto by Drake … but most of the team says Shots by LMFAO."
Anything else you want to add?

"My teammates and I joined the league without knowing many people but have made life-long friends. We do so much together like vacations and group outings to the lake or Kayaking down the Coosa. I throw a Halloween party and invite the entire league (which has on occasion lead to the cops showing). We have team members that have moved and still meet up for events and road trips. We have had two teammate marriages - one of which I officiated.
When I first arrived in Montgomery, Alabama almost 8 years ago with my wife for a new job I was in culture shock. I had moved from D.C, where I grew up and was not prepared for the smaller town and being an adult, and trying to make friends outside of work. If not for kickball I would not still be living in Montgomery and have a new group of great friends! Staying Montgomery has been one of the best things for my career and I owe a lot of that to kickball keeping me here. I could go on for days about the memories and fun I have had with kickball and really couldn't think of not being a part of this."

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