CLUBWAKA Photo Contest Winner: Kickball Photography Tips from Bridget Huss

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - 11:11

CLUBWAKA Photo Contest Winner: Kickball Photography Tips from Bridget Huss

Earlier this month, we challenged CLUBWAKA members to a photo contest on Instagram and asked them to show how they are living the fun life. There were tons of great submissions, but one photographer really stood out as the winner with her impressive collecting of entries and keen eye for great kickball shots.

Worcester, Massachusettes member and photographer Bridget Huss is a master at capturing awesome kickball photos and social sports player personalities. After the contest, we sat down and asked her about her CLUBWAKA experience and for tips on how we can get better photos at our next game: 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with CLUBWAKA?

CLUBWAKA was actually a part of my husband’s life before I was. So, while it was never explicitly said, I figured out pretty early on that having a relationship with Mike meant having a relationship with kickball. 

Truthfully, took me a few seasons to find my niche at CLUBWAKA... I’m not the kind of person who can just sit on the sidelines, and Mike and I almost killed each other when we made the mistake of playing on the same team one season. But now, after two seasons as the CLUBWAKA Worcester league photographer, I’ve finally found a home! 

Outside of CLUBWAKA, I keep pretty busy. I LOVE to travel, and luckily, photography takes me all over the place. I have been as far as Hawaii to shoot a wedding, and next year I’m hoping to go international. I speak Spanish and Portuguese, which helps me in my travels and in my career. Food is another one of my other great passions, and boy can I cook! I’m also a total Star Trek nerd. And then there’s the whole being mom thing… I’ve got that covered too!

Can you tell us about your career journey and your current job as a photographer? 

Loving photography is easy. Turning a passion for photography into a career is hard. Even though I caught the photo bug early, I’m really only starting to make my mark as a professional photographer now that I’m in my thirties. 

I was lucky to have been born with an eye for photography. I graduated from my start with a 35mm Pentax to the world of digital photography as soon as I could afford it. And I have had the wonderful opportunity to learn about both photography and business by working under some very talented local photographers. 

The rest of my journey has been all about hard work and dedication. I take my camera everywhere. And when the chance arises to shoot something new (like kickball, for example) I have always said “yes!” 

When people ask me what I shoot, I tell them I photograph what other people love. I can just as happily shoot a kickball tournament on Saturday or a wedding on Sunday – both days are guaranteed to be full of people that are totally in love with what they’re doing. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day surrounded by all those good-time feelings?

Any advice for people who want to take great team photos?

While the “posey-posey” group shots are an important part of documenting a season or tournament, I think the best team photos are the ones captured when the players are truly in their element. Catching those intense pre-game huddles or those “jump-for-joy” moments is all about timing and location. As a photographer you can’t be afraid to get yourself right in the middle of the action. And I mean right in the middle (I’ve been known to lay down on the ground in the center of a team huddle on occasion). And, most importantly, while there’s a game is happening on the field, don’t forget that there can be plenty of great action happening on the sidelines, too. 

Do you have any favorite gear that you like to use? 

My best friend on the job is my Nikon D3 S. That bad boy and I go everywhere together. I think I’ve traveled farther with my Nikon than I have with my husband! The image quality is top notch and it’s hard to beat the D3’s reliability in low light situations. It’s like that little black dress that goes with everything! 

How does CLUBWAKA fit into your life? 

Even with a growing family (kid #2 is due to arrive in February 2017), we always make time for kickball. If it’s a Wednesday night, you’ll find the Huss family at Crompton Park: my husband “foxing” around with his team, Zero Fox Given, our son Javier cheering on the team of his choice (he doesn’t always root for dad!), and me, clicking away with my Nikon.  And, with such great people in our league, it no surprise that CLUBWAKA Worcester is pretty much at the center of our social calendar. 

I should also say that while CLUBWAKA Worcester will always be my home base, I've started spending some time with CLUBWAKA CT and circuit teams from across the country while shooting tournaments up here in the northeast. My schedule may be jam-packed, but there's always time for kickball. I totally need a t-shirt that says: "Has camera. Will travel for kickball!"

And finally, what are you most looking forward to during the rest of 2016? 

We find out on the 29th of September if we are having a boy or a girl, so as far as exciting things in 2016 go, that one is going to be pretty hard to top. 

As a photographer, my shooting season is slowing down, but my booking season is just ramping up. I am really looking forward to (hopefully) booking at least one kickball wedding for the 2017 wedding season… So if any kickballers out there are getting hitched next year, I want to hear from you! See more of Bridget's work and contact her

Interview by Sarah Nelson
Photos by Bridget Huss

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