CLUBWAKA Happenings: Best New Leagues Starting This Week

Monday, April 30, 2018 - 09:06

CLUBWAKA Happenings: Best New Leagues Starting This Week

It’s almost May, and a whole lot of sunny days are coming our way! 

Start the new month strong and add fun to your spring - join a CLUBWAKA social sports league

Here’s where the best new CLUBWAKA leagues are starting this week: 

Wilmington, NC - Spring is gorgeous in North Carolina! Get out and play coed adult kickball in Wilmington! New league starts on Tuesday, May 1st.

Boynton Beach, FL - Roll away the dew! CLUBWAKA Bowling starts Tuesday, May 1st. Register here! 

Norfolk, VA - Level up your Thursdays! Coed Indoor Volleyball starts Thursday, May 3rd. Sign up & play! 

San Jose, CA  - Get your coworkers together for a fun, healthy activity after work! Kickball in Silicon Valley starts Thursday, May 3rd. Register a team now!

Alexandria, VA - A new season of kickball in Alexandria starts Thursday, May 3rd. Sign up as a free agent or with a group of friends! 

Fort Lauderdale, FL - The best way to start Saturday mornings! CLUBWAKA Beach Volleyball games in Fort Lauderdale! Join us on Saturday, May 5th! 

Los Angeles, CA - Join us on the westside for kickball games starting Monday, May 7th. Register here! 

Huntington Beach, CA - Join us for a Free pickup game Monday, April 30th! New season starts Monday, May 7th - get in the game

Richmond, VA - Coed Adult Kickball in Richmond starts Tuesday, May 8th. Sign up to play

Looking for a CLUBWAKA league near you? Sign up here!