CLUBWAKA Happenings: Kick for Mental Health Kickball Tournament

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 18:22

CLUBWAKA Happenings: Kick for Mental Health Kickball Tournament

Earlier this month, CLUBWAKA members in Kingston, NY came together to volunteer and play in the Benedictine Health Foundation’s 3rd annual Kick for Mental Health Kickball Tournament. 

Hundreds of enthusiastic community members came to play in the tournament - there were even 3 local high school bands! With CLUBWAKA volunteers coordinating the games, teams enjoyed a relaxed day of kickball… until a very lively team spirit competition broke out along the sidelines and everyone had a dance party! The team cheers were amazing! 

From the tournament, CLUBWAKA volunteers and players raised approximately $24,000 to benefit adolescent behavioral health and substance abuse in the local community. 

It was such a wonderful and inspiring day! Thanks to all the volunteers! 

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