CLUBWAKA Love Stories

Monday, February 13, 2017 - 09:00

CLUBWAKA Love Stories

Happy Valentine's Day! We've got love stories on our mind so we're sharing some of our favorites from CLUBWAKA couples! These love stories show glimpes of how CLUBWAKA folks are living the fun life while being in love all over the country. Read these love stories and share yours on social media with hashtag #CLUBWAKA:

Congratulations to these Duke City Krackheads from Hollywood, CA on their recent engagement! 

"Start playing kickball. Meet new friends. Friend introduces you to his friend. Fall in love. The rest is history."

Caitlin & Sean from Montgomery, Alabama.

Angela and Chris from Las Vegas, NV.

Bill and Michelle

Tim and Laurie

Celeste and Brandon 

Sharing CLUBWAKA love on top of Cape Town, South Africa

"We have been together for almost 6 years and we have made it through long distance, the Army, college and a baby! We are more in-love than ever while raising our 19 month old daughter! We have fun together where ever we go; whether that is to kickball games, the gym, the children's museum or out on the town! We love CLUBWAKA and love that we can be part of a fun organization!"

Sarah and Mike play in Hartford, CT. "We have won 4 league championships together and have played in the Founders Cup as teammates.

Baby D (Danielle) and Carlos met and play in the FL Riptide League. "We met on the fields and have been "kicking it" ever since!" 

Brian and Jenn met at CLUBWAKA in Dallas, TX.

"We met playing kickball with CLUBWAKA. The sparks were lit on a snowboard trip. He stole my heart at a kickball party. We got married in Costa Rica this past summer and there is now a CLUBWAKA shirt hanging in a bar where we got married with all of our guests signatures. About half of those signatures we know because of kickball including our officiate and one of my bridesmaids."

Brent and Amy rocking it in Tallahassee, FL. "Couples who play together, stay together! Also, she's kinda sorta cute" -  Brent

Mikey & Meagan from the FL Fuego League had a huge CLUBWAKA party at their wedding! 

Don and Ashley in San Diego, CA.

Chris & Ashley play in Montgomery, AL. They've played more than a dozen seasons on team "Back in Black."

"Married this guy thanks to CLUBWAKA!" - Erin S. 

"We love kickball and our kickball family!" - Kim

Kyle and Kim met playing CLUBWAKA kickball in DC. "Since then we haven't gone a day with out talking to each other and in June I am taking him home to visit my home country South Africa. If it wasn't for kickball we would have never met. We have so much silly fun together and are always laughing, thank you waka for bringing two people from other sides of the world together!" - Kim

Courtney and Wayne in matching Batman onsies in Huntington Beach, CA.

Teammates for life!

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