College roommates reunited through WAKA Kickball

Monday, June 20, 2011 - 08:24

College roommates reunited through WAKA Kickball

A guest post from Christine in WAKA's TX Liberty kickball league:

"One reason I joined WAKA Kickball was to make new friends, but I never expected to be reunited with on old one.

Last week, despite our best efforts, the Bad Decision Bears lost another kickball game. Feeling a little defeated I was tempted just to go home but I decided to cheer up and go to the McKinney Avenue Tavern, the designated kickball bar hangout.

As we were about to go inside, I heard a girl scream “Stine?”, my nickname from college. I turned and saw somebody I never thought I would see there – my college roommate freshman year, Jessie.

The last I knew, she was somewhere in Europe going to cooking school. I hadn’t seen her in probably 3 years. But yet, here she was, right in front of me. I ran and gave her a huge hug, still in disbelief that we were both in the WAKA Kickball league together.

Apparently we had both been living in the same city for 6 months without even knowing it. As all the teams were setting up for flip cup games we decided to see if our teams wanted to play against each other. So we put 3 tables end-to-end, and the Bad Decision Bears faced Balls Deep in one of the most intense games of flip cup I’ve ever witnessed.

I can’t now remember who ended up winning, just that if I hadn’t joined WAKA Kickball, I would never have been reunited with my good friend from college, Jessie."

The lesson to be learned here -- no matter what happens in your game, always go to the WAKA league bar afterward! And if you aren't playing WAKA Kickball yet, just use the zip code search widget on the right side of our blog to find leagues near you.

Thanks for sharing your story, Christine, and to you and Jessie for playing WAKA Kickball!

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