3 Cool Kickball Game Stereos

Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 15:57

3 Cool Kickball Game Stereos

Looking for a fun way to pump up your team for your next kickball game? Get creative with your team's stereo system! Check out these awesome kickball music inventions that we've spotted at leagues around the country:

"It's not a cooler for kickball unless it is motorized, comes with neon, has a stereo, and a trailer behind it!" - Kevin M.

"We made a mini bar out of a maid cart. This mini bar includes a sound system with auxiliary hookup and radio function. It also has a wood top, a place for a cooler in the bottom, and our pride and joy, a stand where we keep apple pie moonshine! We are very proud of our mini bar and wanted to share it with the WAKA community." - Alyssa S.

"Marine speakers, 400 Watt Amp, powered by a car battery at the bottom of the cooler." - Steve W.