DIY: CLUBWAKA Friendsgiving Bingo Boards for Your Festive Feast

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 09:29

DIY: CLUBWAKA Friendsgiving Bingo Boards for Your Festive Feast

Do you fancy a little friendly competition with your turkey? We’ve got you covered with these downloadable CLUBWAKA Friendsgiving Bingo Boards! 

The set up is simple. Just choose a prize for the winner (free pass for no dishes after the meal), and something to use as tokens to cover the bingo squares (pennies, dried cranberries, or just mark them with a pen). Download and print a board for each guest, and play alongside your Friendsgiving feast. We made four different versions of the board and created a blank template so you can add your own special sauce and make as many boards as you need. 

Download your CLUBWAKA Friendsgiving Bingo Board PDFs: 

Friendsgiving Bingo Board 1 
Friendsgiving Bingo Board 2
Friendsgiving Bingo Board 3
Friendsgiving Bingo Board 4 

Friendsgiving Bingo Template - this one is blank 

We'd love to see photos and videos of your celebrations! Share a photo of your Friendsgiving fun on Instagram and Twitter and tag us @CLUBWAKA or #CLUBWAKA. 

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