Everything you must do at WAKApalooza Weekend 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 - 17:37

Everything you must do at WAKApalooza Weekend 2015

There are tons of parties, games, and activities happening next week at WAKApalooza Weekend in Las Vegas and you’re going to want to get in the mix since it’s the biggest kickball and social sports party of the year. Consult this line up of WAKApalooza Weekend events must-dos so you don’t wind up flying solo at a club or lonely in the buffet line buffet line.
Find out what World Kickball Championship kickball game play looks lik
The Founders Cup World Kickball Championship XVIII is happening on October 10th, right in the middle of W
AKApalooza Weekend and it’s sure to be filled with the best kickball players, super competitive games, and a lot of awesomeness. This year, forty-four teams will battle
for the title and try to take it away from Shockwave, the reigning champs from Virginia. If you’ve never seen kickball players compete for the title of World Kickball Champion, you should check out some games from the partycity beer tent at the fields.

Party like a Rock Star 

WAKA is hosting four nights of parties at some of the Las Vegas’ hottest clubs including its newest superstar nightclub, Omnia. WAKApalooza Weekend attendees will have plenty of chances to dress up and will enjoy a complete Vegas experience including a bar crawl at the new Linq, three pool parties at luxurious Vegas pools, a flip cup tournament overlooking the strip, and private post-tournament rooftop lounge party for those looking to socialize in a relaxed setting. With a full weekend of parties and events and 3,000 WAKA people, this will certainly be an extremely unique and memorable weekend for any fun seeker and kickball lover.

Try Slip N Flip

Sort of like an adult version of slip n slide where players compete in a flip cup tournament then race down a big, soapy, wet slide while rocking out with a DJ in the park. It will be equal parts amazing for thrill seekers, party game aficionados, and water slide enthusiasts.

Take a Giant Kickball Photo

These are the biggest kickballs you’ve ever seen and they are only at WAKApalooza Weekend!

Meet 3,000 WAKA People
A truly amazing WAKA experience, new friends from 20+ states, and more than 100 teams await you at WAKApalooza Weekend. The four-day experience will have everything from a scavenger hunt and happy hours, to themed party game shuttles from the fields; the bottom line is there will be a
lot of fun and new people to share it with, so you can’t go wrong.

Want to play? Find a WAKA Kickball & Social Sports league! 

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