Favorite WAKA moments of 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011 - 15:29

Favorite WAKA moments of 2011

Last week we asked on Facebook and Twitter, "What was your favorite WAKA moment of 2011?"

Here's what you told us...

Danielle K.
CT Ivy league- championship game. After 2 rounds of overtime the game was still tied and it was completely dark out by this point. Refusing to end the game by a game of rock/paper/scissors the Connecticut kickballers decide to pull their cars onto the field and surround the playing area. Everyone turns on their headlights and the game is revived with a little light. Game ends with Ball Busters ahead by only one run, but everyone is amped by the level of intensity of the game and ingenuity of the players to keep it going!

Brian H.
Playing at angel stadium!!

Shana S.
Founders Cup. Every moment spent in Vegas with WAKA kickballers is always awesome. I especially love sitting on the hill to watch the last few games. 

Brett C.
Two. WINNING at Angel Stadium. And the post-Founder's Cup clap and chant, with 60+ people, in the lobby of the Flamingo. We probably scared quite a few old folk with that one.

Mike M.
Taking batting practice at Angel Stadium before the championships. I don't even think Albert Pujols has done THAT yet!

Crystal R.
Winning the championship to make it a threepeat and watching my friends play at angel stadium!

Tell us your favorite moment and your WAKA NYE plans!
It's not too late to share your favorite WAKA moment of 2011. Use the comments below or Facebook and Twitter to tell us yours. Thanks for a great 2011, everyone!

And use the hashtag #WAKA2012 on Twitter as you ring in the new year this weekend or post about it on our Facebook wall. We look forward to checking out some pictures and videos!


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