Founders Cup 2011 Allegations of Roster Fixing

Friday, December 2, 2011 - 09:30

Founders Cup 2011 Allegations of Roster Fixing

In late October, we were made aware that various message boards and Facebook postings were discussing the possibility that some team rosters at this year’s Founders Cup had been inappropriately bolstered with unregistered and ineligible players.

We take allegations such as this very seriously and undertook an in-depth review and analysis of the rosters for all teams participating in the 2010 and 2011 Founders Cup tournaments. This review identified a few isolated problems on teams who did not make it through to the final rounds, but there was no evidence of widespread roster fixing.

During the review we were able to identify some inconsistencies between WAKA staff across the country regarding the placement of players on teams during a season of play. As a result we are introducing stricter controls within our systems and undertaking a new internal training program to ensure there is a consistency in policies and practices across all markets.

Furthermore we will be issuing new and clearer roster eligibility guidelines for Founders Cup 2012.

We are grateful that teams and players have brought to light the fact that some inconsistencies have existed in the past as this provides us the opportunity to ensure no such issues occur in the future.

Ray Smith