Founders Cup XIV Interview with Straight to the Bank

Monday, July 25, 2011 - 09:59

Founders Cup XIV Interview with Straight to the Bank

Straight to the Bank is an experienced Founders Cup World Kickball Championship tournament team from Phoenix, AZ. This year, they are banking on their electrifying team chemistry to help them build on past successes and lead them to the finals. 


When and how did Straight to the Bank start playing together?

Straight to the Bank would not be in existence if it wasn’t for Atomic Fireballs!  The “Founders” of STTB, were introduced to WAKA Kickball during the Spring 2007 season, while playing as a part of Atomic Fireballs!  Going into the Fall 2007 season, Atomic Fireballs decided to disband leaving us no choice but to create Straight to the Bank and we haven’t looked back since!   


Your team just qualified for the Founders Cup tournament. What has been your team’s biggest strength during the past season and league tournament? 


Our team chemistry!  Even though Straight to the Bank has been around since 2007, the roster has gone thru numerous changes over the past four years. This season the team came together, both on and off the field, when it looked like we may miss out on a chance to qualify for FC 2011 and put together a memorable run thru the playoffs to give us a shot at a 4th straight FC appearance!


This will be your team’s 4th trip to the Founders Cup tournament, what will be different for your team this year? 


We’ve seen improvement in our play at FC over our first two years but unfortunately last year we did not and that has left a bad taste in our mouths all year and we’re looking to come out and better represent ourselves and the state of Arizona!!


What is STTB’s Founders Cup pre-game ritual?


Every year we meet for a team breakfast before heading over to the fields together.  Once at the fields, we run thru our own stretching and warm-ups with most people listening to their iPod’s to get themselves pumped up.  Then we come together for a speech from our Captain, do our chant and get ready to play...


What are you looking forward to most at Founders Cup Weekend?


Getting to the field Saturday morning for the Opening Ceremony and seeing the thousands of kickballers that have all made the trip to Vegas and feeling the energy after the National Anthem is over and the tournament is about to start!!


What advice would you give to new teams coming to Founders Cup Weekend for the first time?


As far as the entire weekend, get ready to make memories that you will carry with you for a lifetime!  Everyone we’ve told about FC weekend has not believed us until they have experienced it for themselves.


As far as the actual tournament, don’t underestimate the sun and the amount of time you will be spending outside in it and stay hydrated because when the tournament’s all over there’s an after party and you don’t want to miss it!!


See you all in Vegas!  The Bank is closed…..for now.