What will the Founders Cup Weekend 2011 T-shirt look like? You decide!

Monday, June 20, 2011 - 22:57

What will the Founders Cup Weekend 2011 T-shirt look like? You decide!

This year, we want the limited edition Founders Cup Weekend 2011 shirt to be designed by you, WAKA players. We’re not talking about a plain old logo tee, we're talking about a design idea so amazing that even your grandmother will want to wear it.

Take some time to come up with the best original design you can think of. We’re looking for designs that are Founders Cup Weekend or WAKA related. Don’t worry about using the event logos - the t-shirt will have both the Founders Cup and The Kickball Games logos on each sleeve. Use the template provided to prepare your design file. When you’ve got the design just right, email an official entry sheet and the design template to tournaments@kickball.com to submit your design for presentation to the WAKA community.

WAKA will post all design ideas on The Kickball Today blog. Over the next few months, the WAKA community will score and comment on your submission. These scores and comments will help us decide which design should become the next Founders Cup Weekend tee!

You have until Friday, July 29th to get your submission entered. After that, WAKA will choose a winner.

If your idea is selected for print, you’ll receive: 

  • 15 Founders Cup Weekend T-shirts (in sizes of your choosing to share with your team) 
  • Recognition and fame in the WAKA community 
  • Mention as the creator of the design on the product page in the WAKA store. 

To enter:

1. Download the t-shirt template.
2. Add your design ideas to the chest area of the t-shirt template. The design can cover the top 1/3 of the shirt front or on either side of chest.
3. Submit your design via email to tournaments@kickball.com 

By participating in the contest, you give WAKA the right to reproduce and use your design for all items involved in the World Kickball Championship Weekend event. Design ideas must be original and not be previously published or infringe on any copyrights. Any submission that is considered by WAKA to be obscene or inappropriate will be disqualified and not eligible for entry.