Friendsgiving Party Game Ideas

Thursday, November 26, 2015 - 09:27

Friendsgiving Party Game Ideas

No matter how delicious the turkey or stuffing, every Friendsgiving celebration is significantly improved by a solid rotation of party games. Before the meal, we like to get outside and play a little kickball or flag football in the yard to work up an appetite. After we eat, as the food coma starts to kick in, we prefer living room games on our coziest furnishings.  

Here’s a handy list of our favorite Friendsgiving party games that will keep you and your guests happy and awake after turkey-time:

Make your own rules for a football (drinking or workout) game: During friendsgiving, lots of people will be glued to the football action on TV, but your guest list will probably also include plenty of people who don’t care about sports and will be thankful for a game after the meal to keep the conversation flowing. To get it started, all you need to do is lay out the rules like “every time there is a fumble, you do ten push ups” or “when the offense gets a first down, you take a drink.” Get your friends involved in making up the rules, and keep a list of the rules posted next to the TV. This could be a drinking game, exercise game, or a way to decide who gets to clean all dishes after the meal.

Have a booze tasting: There’s no better time to try a new holiday cocktail recipe or showcase some pumpkin beers or local craft brews. Try a blind-folded seasonal beer tasting, or sample Champagne or bubbles and see if your friends can tell the difference between Moet and Cook’s. Better yet – have everyone bring a favorite wine and host a post-dinner tasting.

Play memory: This one takes a little prep, but it’s a fun take on the standard memory game. Fill a tray with 20-25 silly and small objects from around your room—think koozies, bead necklaces, ping pong paddle, your cat’s favorite toy, or anything else small yet distinctive. Once you’re ready, cover the tray with a bandana or napkin, set it on the coffee table, and give each guest a pen and a piece of paper. Remove the cover and give them 60 seconds to concentrate on the objects without writing them down, then cover the tray again and ask them to list as many objects as they can. When everyone has finished, remove the cover once more, ask who listed the most items, and have him or her read the list. 

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