Great kickball bars

Monday, June 27, 2011 - 07:50

Great kickball bars

When we launched the Kickball Today blog a couple of weeks ago, one of our first posts asked: "Which WAKA Kickball league bars draw the biggest and best crowd?"

We've received responses via email and in the comments of that original blog post. Thank you all for getting involved and interacting with us on the blog right at the start. We're excited for even more of this as we continue posting new content. Here are a few of the pictures we received about some great WAKA Kickball bar crowds.

The two below were taken at Grits in New Orleans, the league bar for LA Crescent on Mondays and LA Bayou on Wednesdays:

The next picture is from VA Peninsula, where they snap a picture like this every Wednesday after midnight at Luckie's:

Last but not least, here is one from the Friday night FL Coconut league at their post-game gathering spot, Sandbar Grill:

If you have pictures or stories to tell about what makes your WAKA Kickball league bar great, please email us or use the comments section below.