Halloween Costume Ideas From WAKA Kickball Players

Thursday, October 29, 2015 - 18:46

Halloween Costume Ideas From WAKA Kickball Players

It can be tricky to come up with a creative costume for Halloween. If you’re still looking for costume ideas, WAKA is here to help. We've rounded up some of the best costumes from the WAKApalooza Fun Games and put together a list of some easy-to-do costumes. Check out these ideas and share your photos on Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #wakacostume! 

1. DIY Flintstones costumes with cardboard props.

2. Layer black and white tank tops, suspenders, and a tutu and you can become a penguin in minutes.

3. Pointy gnome hats made from folded felt make it easy to find your friends in a crowded party. 

4. Bee costumes can be made with any combination of black and yellow clothes and accessories. 

5. Grab your scissors and refashion your WAKA Kickball t-shirt for an on-the-go quickie costume.

6. Have a costume exchange with your team and trade old costumes that you have in your closet. 

7. Rockstar style can be achieved with five accssories: black t-shirt, colorful leggings, shades, wig, and makeup.  

8. Become a school girl again with a a kilt, tie, and kickball socks.

9. The Maine lumberjack is a great look for men and women! Everyone has a trucker hat (or lives with a roommate who has one) and the flannel will keep you warm on halloween bar crawls. 

10. Minions! Another easy costume with suspenders - great for groups!

11. Draw on a mustache and dig out that Hawaiian shirt to become Magnum P.I. 

12. Make your favorite childhood game into a team costume.

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