Handshakes, High Fives, and Fist Bumps Instagram Contest

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 10:08

Handshakes, High Fives, and Fist Bumps Instagram Contest

National Handshake Day is celebrated on Thursday, June 25th, so now is the perfect time to show off your handshake, high five, and fist bump skills! 

Some experts report that there’s an average of 82 hand-to hand contact moments between players in a kickball game. Games start with the handshakes between referees and captains and ends with a team line of handshakes, high fives, and fist bumps.
When you finish a game, what kind of hand shaker are you? Are you the strong and firm type that makes eye contact with every member of the other team, or do you opt for the fist bump? And what about your high fives? Do you shoot high and jump up to celebrate or are you more of a low fiver?  
Show us what you’ve got and enter the Handshakes, High Fives, and Fist Bumps Instagram Contest! We’re giving away Summer Essentials gift packs EVERY DAY from now until June 30th!
How to Enter
June 24-30th:

  1. FOLLOW @WAKAKickball on Instagram and look for #WAKAsmiles handshake, high five, or fist bump of the day!
  2. POSE or snap a live photo or Instagram video of your best handshake, high five, or fist bump that captures how you’re celebrating summer at a WAKA Kickball & Social Sports game, or at the league, and share it on Instagram.
  3. TAG the photo #WAKAsmiles to be eligible for entry. 

What do you win?

We’ll select one tagged photo or video each day starting Wednesday, June 24, 2015 as the most fun #WAKAsmiles photo and the winner will receive a summer essentials gift pack including koozies, squirt guns, sunglasses, field party supplies, and other WAKA Kickball & Social Sports surprises!  

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