WAKA Interviews Corey Wish, Happy Endings Associate Producer

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 01:41

WAKA Interviews Corey Wish, Happy Endings Associate Producer

We sat down for a Q&A with Happy Endings Associate Producer, Corey Wish, of the CA Studio League. Check out how Corey got started with WAKA, how the Kickball episode came to fruition, and what his thoughts are on a possible sequel to our favorite Happy Endings episode.

Q: The CA Studio League is one of our most exciting leagues and from what we’ve heard you’ve been playing in Studio since it nearly began. Can you tell us a little about what got you interested in Kickball and some of your favorite experiences throughout the years?

I started playing in Studio in its fourth season (we’re on season 16 right now), so I’ve spent most of my adult life playing kickball. I was basically conscripted to play by my former captain and co-worker, Sam Kraft, because I was one of the younger people working at the production company.  She accosted me in my first week and told me I was on the team—I basically had no choice but to play and it’s worked out fantastically.  While I’ve met many of my close friends in Studio, the obviously best experience is that I met my wife, April Wish, at the end of my first season.  She’s been playing in the division since the first season.  I believe we were the first couple who met in Studio who got married.  There have been at least half a dozen other couples who’ve met in Studio who are also married.  Many of them are actually on my team.

Q: According to Bill Kuchman, a critic on tv.com, the Kickball episode was one of the show’s “funniest and ‘pleasantly random’ installments,” we obviously agree since the topic is so awesome.  We’re assuming your passion for the sport resulted in a Kickball pitch for the show. Can you tell us a little about the process of pitching the kickball episode?

I wish I could take credit for pitching the episode, but that idea came straight from the writers’ room.  However, when they found out I played, they called me in to pick my brain about the rules, playing styles, and personalities surrounding kickball. 

Q: It’s very obvious that the writers did their research since they did a great job emulating the kickball culture on the show. Were you an active part of this process? Were any of the personalities on the show directly copied from a personality in your league?

We have a very funny writing staff who come up with some crazy stuff, this episode most definitely included.  I joke that I was the unofficial official consultant for the episode.  During my meeting with the writers, we went over all aspects of kickball—the rules, the people, the clothing, and the in-game strategy.  I mentioned that I bunt every time (mostly because I’m a terrible kicker) and that got spun into the character Brad calling himself “Bunt Cake” and playing “kick-money ball.”  The character Penny looking for a hookup/boyfriend was taken from me mentioning that a lot of people hook up through kickball, including people getting married. 

Q: What was your favorite line of the Kickball episode?

Penny: “Last year, my friend Corey had a collision at home plate with a really cute catcher. She still can’t see colors, and he has a titanium knee, but they’re getting married!”  Fortunately for me, I’m not necessarily the girl in that sentence.

Q: Which character would you want on your Kickball team?

I wouldn’t want Brad because he and I have the same game and we don’t need the redundancy.  Dave has the yips, so he’s out.  Penny’s head gets in the way too much, so she’s not making the team.  Max is too much of a downer/takeover personality and we don’t need the negative vibes.  Scotty is injury prone, plus we don’t want PED’s clouding our team winning.  I don’t think we could afford the insurance policy on Lance Briggs’ NFL contract, plus he struck out swinging.  It would have to come down to Alex and Jane because a team could always use a strong girl.  Since Jane is ruthless on the field, I would probably take her.

Q: If the network decides to keep the show on for another season and you were asked to help with another Kickball episode, where do you see it going?

Obviously, there needs to be a rematch with Ivanov Hair Salon.  Hopefully, they’ve all been deported back to Russia and we win in a forfeit, because that’s only way the Xela is winning the game.

Q: Since the show aired, we quickly posted a Northside Kickball Classic shirt option in the WAKA store and it’s doing quite well. What do you think about the popularity of the show within the kickball community?

I’m just happy the episode stayed true enough to kickball for the players to laugh.  I know the show took some liberties (only 6 players per team, super slow pitching, etc.), but I think the kickball spirit was still there.  I honestly think “Happy Endings” is a really funny show and want as many people to watch it as possible.  Hopefully, people who hadn’t seen the show will now watch it on a regular basis and I can stay employed.

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