Celebrate National Hat Day with a #HatDaySelfie

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - 12:20

Celebrate National Hat Day with a #HatDaySelfie

National Hat Day is celebrated on January 15th and it’s your chance to show off your signature style and favorite hat. Snap a selfie while wearing your favorite hat with hashtag #HatDaySelfie for a chance to win a free season of WAKA Kickball & Social Sports!

1. Follow WAKA Kickball & Social Sports on Instagram or Twitter.
2. Put on your favorite hat and take a selfie.
3. Post it to Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #HatDaySelfie
(Download this #HatDaySelfie message strip to include in your photo)

WAKA will repost and share all photos and award 3 FREE WAKA League registrations for our favorite photos. Winners will be selected based on creativity, styling and photography.

Celebrate Hat Day with WAKA players across the nation with hashtag #HatDaySelfie!

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