Favorite Holiday Party Games from CLUBWAKA Members

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 13:00

Favorite Holiday Party Games from CLUBWAKA Members

Round out any holiday soiree with our favorite party games from CLUBWAKA members. 

1. Santa Hat TV Game

Add extra holiday cheer to any occasion by incorporating the "Santa Hat TV Game". To set it up, just place a santa hat on the corner of your TV and cue your favorite holiday movie clips. Let the movies play as the background of your party (mute as needed). Each time someone on the TV "wears" the hat, it's social hour & everyone enjoys a sip of their favorite holiday bevies. 

* You could stretch this one out for holiday fun all season long... 

2. Two truths and a lie - Holiday edition

Set the theme of the game as "Worst Christmas Gift Ever Received" or “Craziest holiday memory” and have each guest come up with two stories that are true and one that is a lie. Each person tells their stories and everyone else must guess which is the lie. Offer prizes for the best stories or for anyone who can stump the group.

3. Holiday Movie Trivia

There are so many classic Christmas movies that everyone loves, so this will really get some people really excited. Print quotes from popular holiday movies and give everyone a chance to guess which movie they are from. Break your guests up into teams and offer prizes for most correct answers.

4. Christmas Song Lyrics Game

Just like Christmas movies, classic holiday songs present another opportunity for a fun game. Play the first part of a Christmas song and test your friends to see if they really know the lyrics. If they make a mistake, they can drink some of their eggnog or favorite holiday drink.

5. Santa Hat of Shame

This is a fun game to play throughout a party where guests are penalized with the “Santa Hat of Shame” for committing party fouls. Knock ornaments off the tree, spill your drink, eat the last of the cheese ball - you wear santa hat of shame. You and your guests can decide the criteria that warrants "the santa hat of shame" or, just make it up as you go.

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