Holiday Party Ideas from CLUBWAKA

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 14:40

Holiday Party Ideas from CLUBWAKA

The holiday party season is back—and while you may already have had lots of occasions to wear your favorite ugly sweater, here are some new party themes shaping CLUBWAKA community festivities right now.

Holiday Card Portrait Party - Remember when Mom used to round everyone up for the infamous “Family holiday card” photo? Now, you can dress up, get snuggly, and have some fun taking silly shots with your teammates! Get everyone together for team photos in ugly sweaters, onesies, CLUBWAKA hoodies, or your favorite winter fashions.

Cookie Decorating Party - This is one of those party themes that seems sweet, nice, and innocent until CLUBWAKA players get their hands on the tubes of icing...

Hot Cocktail Party - This is a fun, festive twist on the classic cocktail party. Ask your teammates to dress up in fancy clothes and serve seasonal warm drinks. Remember to arrange for cabs or safe rides home!

Team Ornament Exchange Party - Looking for a fun way to commemorate a year of memories and friendships? Invite your teammates over to decorate team ornaments as a keepsake! Teammates can sign ornaments like a trophy (we link red ones best) or decorate one to exchange.

Holiday Karaoke Party - Who doesn’t love to belt out Jingle Bells? This is the perfect way to discover your teammates hidden talents (or get some new blackmail for your team email threads!)

How is CLUBWAKA a part of your holiday season? 

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