Host an Opposite Day Party

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 16:11

Host an Opposite Day Party

Trying to stay warm in this wintery weather or just looking for an excuse to host a party? Lucky for you, Opposite Day is this Saturday, January 25th. Look to this popular grade school “holiday” for some inspiration to host a themed party for your friends and WAKA teammates!

  • Set the tone for the party by making a party rule that “yes” responses are “no” and “no” responses are “yes.” This will make for some interesting conversations and mingling.
  • Add “red wine” labels to white wine bottles and “white wine” labels to red wine bottles.
  • Wear your clothes backwards or challenge guests to dress as the “opposite sex.” You could also wear summer clothes or swimsuits during this cold winter storm season.
  • Serve breakfast for dinner or serve a meal in the opposite order with dessert first before your main course.
  • Host a "furthest kick contest" to see who can best kick a kickball with their non-dominant or opposite foot.

The celebration of Opposite Day offers a lot of possibilities for you and your teammates to get creative and enjoy an easy and fun themed party. If you play along this weekend, share your photos or opposite day outfits on the WAKA Facebook page!

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