How Playing WAKA Kickball Can Make you Happier

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 07:05

How Playing WAKA Kickball Can Make you Happier

Aaron G.‘s charming “WAKA Smiles” story is just one of the hundreds we hear every year at WAKApalooza Weekend! Check out his experience and make your plan to be a part of the biggest kickball weekend of the year!

"How has WAKA made you smile?"

Way cooler than sitting at home with your cat or TV.
Awesome adventures meeting new adults weekly.
Kick a ball, drink, play, chat...repeat.
Allows you to play dress up with costumes and master social drinking games

Friendships that are forged centered around a little red rubber ball.
Unique fun every night kickballers interact.
Novice social sport is a healthy way to improve your social life.

Connect to meet other singles, couples and cultures

Connecting is a great word for WAKA cause it fits into so many contexts. Through WAKA Kickball & Social Sports, I've connected culturally by sharing WAKA Kickball with Brazilians this past June while on a mission trip.  I've connected in the community by supporting charities both locally and nationally which has a tremendous rippling effect. I've connected with family through forging many friendships with other young adults that are professionals, couples, singles, travelers, future roommates and most of all fun caring people.

 - Aaron G. from Montgomery, AL.

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