How to be a Kickball Team Mom

Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 11:49

How to be a Kickball Team Mom

Many kickball teams find that having a “Team Mom” or “Drink Mom” is a fun way to mix up the team refreshments for each game throughout the season.

Team Moms may plan the team’s costumes or the theme for the week, as well as provide snacks or goodies for the cooler. Some teams choose to give everyone a turn to be team mom (and share the cost) while others elect one person to be mom for the season and each player contributes a bit of cash to the team drink fund.

WAKA player Kat K. from team Free Ballers in the CA Solar League is the Snack Mom for her team this season, and shared her team’s recipe for success with us:

“Our Team decided the best part about playing sports is snack time. We decided in addition to Captain and Co-Captain we needed a Snack Mom and Drink Dad. Every week I choose some snacks to bring to the games, and set up a folding card table. If it is a theme week I try to make the snack match the theme (for instance, on Kickball Day I brought balloons and cupcakes to celebrate). Our Drank Dad is Alex D and she always provides our team's "fruit punch" ( it’s important to stay hydrated). I always take care of my team first, but we also share with our refs and the league coordinator... and at the bar I pass out whatever we have left to the rest of the teams! I've been called snack fairy by some, and it earned us Life of the Party Points in the past!”

Do you have a Team Mom, Drink Mom, or Snack Mom? Try it out this season and let us know how it goes!

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