How to Get Your Company to Start a Kickball Team

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 09:42

How to Get Your Company to Start a Kickball Team

Every year, hundreds of companies, from small businesses to large corporations, form kickball teams with WAKA as a way to bring fun into the workplace. Companies love kickball because joining and forming teams provides opportunities to build working team relations and share great experiences with friends and co-workers. It’s similar to a company wide retreat but for a fraction of the cost, and it lasts for 8-12 weeks versus a weekend intensive or a 30 minute exercise.

Want to start a team with your company? It’s easy! Here’s how:

  • Research your company’s wellness benefits and see what is offered (your company may cover the cost of your registration fee or a pay for the whole team)
  • Talk to your HR Director or Benefits Administrator about current or past company teams, and share some of benefits of a having kickball team with them. You can talk about things like team building, exercise, company loyalty, and leadership opportunites for staff.
  • Email your local WAKA league Community Coordinator for flyers and a sign-up sheet to take to your office to recruit teammates (your league coordinator can give you information about upcoming pick up games and events for your colleagues to try!)
  • Send an email invitation to your co-workers and invite them to your team

Sample team email invitation:

“WAKA Kickball has a league that plays on ___ nights and we are creating an office team! Games will start on (date)

We need players to join the team and we want you! It’s so easy to play:
- Co-ed games
- Social/ networking time each week at the league bar after the games
- Exercise that will make you feel great!
- Meet new people, little commitment, lots of fun!

Check it out:

Let me know by (registration deadline) if you want to play!”

Need more help? We have lots of resources to help companies get started with corporate kickball and social sport teams. Email today and we can help you get the information you need!

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