How to Host a Charity Event for your League

Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 15:49

How to Host a Charity Event for your League

Most WAKA players will tell you that one of the best parts of a WAKA season are the league wide charity events! All WAKA leagues work with a charity partner each season to give back to the community in which they play.  There's nothing better than spending time and partying with your friends....especially when it's for a good cause.

Use these tips from other WAKA players to help you plan a successful charity event this season:

Start by choosing the type of event you want to run.

Some WAKA favorites include kickball tournaments, dance- a thons, polar plunges, date auctions, scavenger hunts, 50/50 raffles, or costume contests. Last year, WAKA players in Connecticut hosted a World Record breaking 54 hour kickball game for children's cancer research and raised $42,000!

When choosing what type of event you want to host, you will need to consider a variety of factors. Where will this event be held? If you have connections to a local bar or restaurant, you may want to talk with them about hosting the event for free. How will the event fit into the season schedule? If you have weekend playoffs and parties scheduled, you may want to build your charity event around them. How much money do you want to raise? Depending on your goal, one big event may be the best options or a series of smaller events throughout the season.

Find volunteers in the league for your event.

With any charity event, you will need to have a solid team of volunteers to make it happen! It is best to find people dedicated to the charity and the cause. Try posting a “Call for Volunteers” on your league or in the GMOT to see who responds and chat up the event to team captains at the league bar.

Determine what you will need to set up the event.

Make sure you let the league know about the event in advance as soon as you have the date and details figured out so you can get the best attendance and support. Invite the charity partners to attend and provide flyers or information about their cause.

For some events, you will need to have tables, chairs, signage, or a sound system. Ask your volunteers or host venue what they can provide. If you are hosting a party for charity, try to get a local distributor or spirits company to donate or discount alcohol in exchange for a sponsorship. Plan a playlist that fits the theme of your event so you can create a nice atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Need more ideas? Get in touch with your charity partner to see what has worked well for them with other groups. They are usually willing to help you with ideas and connections to other partners in the community.

We love hearing your fundraising success stories so please share them in the comments!