How To: Host a Stop Light Party

Monday, August 19, 2013 - 12:53

How To: Host a Stop Light Party

Want to know if she's single? You can find out instantly at a stop party - without even having to ask! 

At stop light parties, guests dress up in the colors of a stop light to indicate if they are single or in a relationship. Green means go (single), yellow means slow (it's complicated), and red is stop (in a relationship).

Here's how to plan one:

1. Pick your party venue.

Stop light parties don’t require much set up so you can host them at your home or league bar.

2. Let your guests know the Stop Light party rules about what to wear:

  • Single people should wear something green
  • People whose relationships are "complicated", or who aren't quite ready to date should wear yellow
  • People who are in relationships or not interested in dating should wear red

3. Have fun and mix and mingle!

Set up ice breaker games, prop boxes and photo shoot supplies, or "get to know you" question cards on the tables to make it easy for people to strike up conversations. 

* We've found it's a good idea to get a wearble give-away item in each color that you can offer guests who may not get the theme memo. This could be anything red, yellow, and green like party beads, leis, stickers, bandanas, headbands, sunglasses, etc. depending on your budget. 

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