How to Meet Women While Playing Social Sports

Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 16:40

How to Meet Women While Playing Social Sports

Playing in a social sports league has lots of perks like meeting (or hooking up) with other people. Social sports leagues have tons of opportunities for parties, games, themed events, and adventures and you’ll have fun sharing the fun with the cute girls on your team.

Here’s advice from women who play WAKA Kickball & Social Sports about how to strike up conversation with the ladies in your league:

Where to meet women 

On your team, at the league bar, at the flip cup table on the sidelines... they’re everywhere. Volunteer as a referee and you’ll meet ladies on every team.

Dress up on theme nights

Women who play social sports like to have a good time and usually love an excuse to put on a costume. You can be apart of it... if you dress up!

Talk to her about the game

Talking to new people, especially ones you are attracted to can seem intimidating but with weekly games, league events, and your fun loving social sport playing status, you’ll have plenty to talk about. Just ask her how her game was...

Share a drink

What better way to start a conversation than to offer up a cup of your team's summer game punch or give up a solo cup so your new friend can join in on the flip cup game?

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