How to Plan a Friendsgiving Party for your Kickball Team

Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 11:37

How to Plan a Friendsgiving Party for your Kickball Team

Many CLUBWAKA members choose to celebrate Friendsgiving with their teammates and friends instead of flying home for the holiday. With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, it’s just about time to wrap up (or start!) planning for the big day. From organizing the meal to post-turkey games and activities, we’ve got your Friendsgiving planning covered:

  • Host your Friendsgiving meal as a potluck so no one gets too stressed to enjoy the festivities. Typically, its best if the host makes the turkey and gravy and assigns sides and desserts to everyone else. Email the guests with the categories of dishes and the amount of people attending so everyone knows how much food to make.
  • Make sure you have enough chairs for the whole team and ask people to bring extra chairs as needed.
  • Create a fun playlist for the meal (everyone loves Thanksgiving songs!)
  • Make table settings with each teammates’s kickball nickname or field position.
  • Ask everyone to bring their favorite adult beverages and set up a party bar with mixers, shakers, and glasses. 
  • Play a game of backyard kickball after the turkey and before dessert (stretch break!)
  • Hold a pie eating contest with lots of whipped cream.
  • Ask guests to bring snuggies or pajamas for a relaxing movie night or board games after the meal.

We hope you have a fun and happy Friendsgiving! Join CLUBWAKA and celebrate with us!

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