Interview with Michael Coughlin, of Kickhopopatamus, the 2010 Kick-it Challenge Winners

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - 20:53

Interview with Michael Coughlin, of Kickhopopatamus, the 2010 Kick-it Challenge Winners

For the past 2 years, Kickhopopatamus from Boston, Massachusetts has been one of the furthest traveled and most fun teams to hang out with during World Kickball Championship Weekend. Last year, they also won the $2,000 cash prize in the Kick-it Challenge. This year, they are coming back to win it again, play in the Founders Cupand they are bringing more accoutrements than ever! Player Michael Coughlin shared a bit about the team’s history and some advice for teams coming to the tournament in Las Vegas for the first time. 


The making of Kickhopopatamus Back in the fall of 2007, Slidin Dirty and Zombie Ned Flanders partook in epic battles of dominance for middle of the pack of the MA Ivy league, playing the hallowed field of the Cambridge Common in Harvard Square. Runs were scored, outs were made, things happened. At the end of the season, a conjugal visit spawned the Kickhopopatamus, and unholy half hippo, half rapper, one-third man-child who played kickball and sometimes won 6 Mass Ivy league tournaments in a row. From time to time, people left, some joined, occasionally we watched episodes of M*A*S*H together. In 2010, we decided to bend cancer over and raise money for the Kick-It Challenge, since one of our captains had some nasty experience with baby cancer. We successfully destroyed all comers in the random drawing to win the cash prize for $2000 from Kick-It, which we immediately donated $500 back. We are determined to raise money again for the Kick-It Challenge and beat the crap out of cancer.


What do you do when you aren’t playing WAKA kickball? 


I like to drive tricycles to Red Sox games, show people the finer points of the fermentation process at the Harpoon Brewery. And I lie to children from September to June.


What is your favorite part of playing WAKA kickball? 


The absolute best part about kickball is lounging in a kiddie pool in Harvard Square. Who doesn’t love a well placed water receptacle in between 2 kickball fields?


You team has participated in the past 2 Founders Cup tournaments, what (if any) changes have you made to your tournament strategy? 


We are determined to bring a little more intensity to planning our… accoutrements… let’s just say our style isn’t so much aggressive and “winning” but more fun and flashy.


What are you looking forward to most at Founders Cup Weekend?


I desire to make daily visitations to the Bunny Ranch, crash a few limos into immovable objects, and some participation in sporting events of some persuasion. 


What does your team need to do to win the 2011 Founders Cup tournament? 


Forbid every other team from attending. 


What advice would you give to teams coming to Founders Cup Weekend for the first time?


Arrive to your games late and talk lots of s@$% to the refs. They love it.