Interview with McCoy Wood, captain of Panik Attack, the current World Kickball Champions

Friday, July 1, 2011 - 06:57

Interview with McCoy Wood, captain of Panik Attack, the current World Kickball Champions


Panik Attack who play in WAKA’s VA Southside and VA Recess leagues are the current World Kickball Champions. Their deep, diverse roster of both new and experienced players has brought Panik Attack to several league and tournament championships. They are headed to the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship with hopes of playing new teams and defending their title. 


WAKA: How long has Panik Attack’s been playing WAKA kickball, and how did the team come together? 

McCoy Wood: We started playing together at the beginning of 2010. Our first season together as a team was in the WAKA VA Winter Recess league.  Our formation as a team was the direct result of a couple members of Make it Rain and Frosty Balls deciding to form their own team after Founders Cup 2009. That team was called The Core. This caused a huge shake-up in the Hampton Roads competitive kickball scene. We can’t complain how it ended up for us.  

What would you say is the key to Panik Attack’s success? What does it take to be a World Kickball Champion? 

I think the key to our success is our experience and versatility. The foundation of our team has been around the game for several years and meshes well with our younger, less experienced players.  Our players are able to play many positions and that helps us overcome injuries and fatigue. To be a World Kickball Champion you have to have the depth to overcome injuries, the talent to execute the game the way it should be played, and the recognition from players that this is a team sport.

What have you done to improve as a team over the past year?

I think our biggest contribution to the improvement of our team has been bringing in new people to kickball. We like to add players to our roster that have never played the game before, but have the ability to learn quickly and be very good. Of course if we are approached by a player on a competing team that isn’t happy with his/her current situation, we will take a look at them. However, we will not approach players on other teams unless they approach us first. We like competition.

What’s the best WAKA kickball game you played in the past year? 

I would have to say that it was our recent game versus The Situation in the 2011 WAKA VA Spring Southside championship. They are a very talented team and had their full roster for the game. We only had 10 players that could participate in the tournament that day. It was a hard fought game in the finals with Panik Attack coming out on top 4-3. I was extremely proud of our team for finding a way to get the job done with only 10 players.  

Are there any WAKA teams that you’d love to play but haven’t had the chance to? 

We’d love to play any team that we have never played before. Our team travels and plays in various open kickball tournaments around the country. These tournaments typically attract the same 15-20 competitive teams. That is why Founders Cup is so great. We get to compete against teams from all of the country that we wouldn’t normally get to. 

What advice would you give to teams coming to the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship for the first time? 

Just have fun and enjoy the experience. Learn as much as you can from the teams you play. Talent will only take you so far in the tournament. Strategy is what separates good kickball teams from great kickball teams.  If you are like me, Founders Cup will leave you hungry for more kickball. Good luck! Come find out more about Panik Attack on the team’s Facebook page