Is that Tiger Woods playing WAKA Kickball?

Friday, June 17, 2011 - 08:32

Is that Tiger Woods playing WAKA Kickball?

Tiger Woods may not be playing in this weekend’s U.S. Open due to an injury, but he’s been spotted recently on the kickball fields in Phoenix, Arizona. Well, a guy that looks a lot like him has. Reggie Alcos (pictured here on the left) is a new WAKA Kickball player in the AZ Horizon league and he also works as a Woods impersonator known as The Tiger Double.

“I was called Tiger back in 1995 when no one knew who he was unless you played golf,” explains Reggie in an email. “A few of my fraternity brothers were on the college golf team so they nicknamed me 'Tiger’.”

In 1999, Reggie was “a broke college student back in Illinois.” That summer he got a job as a costumed character for the city's summer festival. The person who ran the area where all the characters went to cool off from the heat thought Reggie looked like Tiger. “He told me that the person in charge of the entire festival also managed celebrity impersonators and that he would introduce me,” says Reggie. “Within 15 minutes, the agent came, snapped some photos, gave me his card, and told me to call him. I called him the next day and the rest is history!”

A few weeks later Reggie got a call from the agent, who asked if he had two hours to spare. “I'd get paid for my time and all I had to do was stand in a corner and people would snap Polaroids (yeah...that's right Polaroids) with me,” states Reggie. “I said ‘of course’ and I showed up at a country club where they were hosting a guys night out event complete with Scotch tasting and cigars! I met some interesting people and I didn't have to do anything but stand in a corner and smile! At the end of my two hours, they gave me a check for $500!!!! I'll never forget that day! Can you imagine...a poor college student making $500 in 2hrs!! That was awesome!”

The work pretending to be Tiger continued from there. “I used to get calls all the time when Tiger was just becoming popular,” explains Reggie. “In 2000, I moved to Huntington Beach, CA and I got calls from agents all over the US. In 2003, I was on a Fox Hidden camera show which was an amazing experience! I gained a new respect for actors during that shoot. (The segment is available on Reggie's website, Typically, an appearance mainly consists of me smiling for pictures with people. Every once in a while, I'll have to speak and introduce acts, but I'm in sales, so speaking in front of large groups is easy for me.”

A desire to hang out more with his co-workers from that sales jobs is what led to Reggie discovering WAKA Kickball. “I played sports my whole life and I've also played in different adult leagues when I lived in Southern California like beach volleyball, softball, and basketball,” he says. “When I moved to Arizona back in 2005, I wanted to get back into playing in a league. I was able to play in a basketball league (even won a championship), but not everyone in my office today plays basketball.”

Reggie started looking for something that might be a better fit for his office mates and an online search brought him to WAKA’s website. “I thought that it would be a great opportunity to interact with my co-workers outside of the office, so I signed up for the AZ Horizon League and told others in my office to do the same. We started off as a "company" team, but we only had 6 people from my office. We were lucky to have some great people added to our team and that was the beginning of our team “We Got the Runs!"

Reggie doesn’t think he’ll have too much trouble increasing the number of fellow employees on his team for next season, as word is already spreading around the office about the joy of WAKA Kickball. “The best part about playing WAKA kickball is not only the kickball, but the people! From the people in charge of the league (Ken Schneider) to my teammates and everyone on the other teams,” says Reggie. “I tell people that playing in a league like WAKA is probably the best way to meet people because I believe that sports brings out the "real" person. I also enjoy meeting everyone at our bar Big Guys Sports Grill! What we lack in "success" on the kickball field, we make up for on the Flip Cup table!”

And speaking of sports and the “real” person, what about the US Open, which the real Tiger isn’t playing in this year? “Now that I'm not playing (I mean Tiger),” says Reggie, “outside of the favorites like Lee Westwood and maybe Luke Donald, my personal favorite is Bubba Watson (@bubbawatson) because I like him, not only as a player, but as a person. We have also tweeted with each other on multiple occasions and his game is awesome! He can definitely handle the length and he's already won a few tournaments this year. He's got the skills and talent to make a run!”

As for Tiger's recent personal troubles? Did that affect demand—either positively or negatively—for The Tiger Double? “To be honest,” says Reggie, “I really haven't pro-actively marketed myself since the mid-2000's, but when Tiger's off-course activity started making headlines, I did get a few calls and there was even a little story about me in the Arizona Republic after a writer saw one of my tweets. I made sure that the article and events did not put me or Tiger in a negative light.” That’s good to hear. We don’t want anything getting in the way of another promising young kickball career.

Thanks for playing WAKA Kickball, Reggie!

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