Kickball Friends Forever: 4 Stories of WAKA Kickball Friendships

Monday, June 9, 2014 - 11:41

Kickball Friends Forever: 4 Stories of WAKA Kickball Friendships

Time spent with friends is one of the most important things to the WAKA community, and players tell us over and over that it is one of the main reasons that they love to play. Here are four awesome stories from WAKA players about best friendships forged on the kickball field:

Sloane and Rachel

“Rach and I both joined WAKA Kickball & Social Sports when we moved to North Caroline last year. I moved from Austin and she moved from New Jersey the same month. We met at the first pick up game of the summer season. We started talking and got on the subject of going sky diving. I was so happy to have met someone that I could connect with. We became immediate friends, and in many ways, we became family.  We're both overly competitive, and we both love beer. WAKA was made for us, and I’m thrilled it brought us together.” - Sloane

Brittnee and Cameron

My best friend Cameron and I decided to join WAKA Kickball during the Spring 2014 season. It was the best decision I ever made! We met Sam and Morgan (who hadn't known each other before the season) at our first game and immediately hit it off. I was personally surprised to find two other girls who loved queso, beer, and shoulder-dancing as much as Cameron and I did. The four of us spent the entire month of May together tanning, playing trivia, and eating queso. I'm so very thankful to have found these girls, and I'm absolutely loving kickball.” - Brittnee


“These are the wonderful ladies of T.I.T.S.S.S. in CA Hawk League in Fullerton, CA and we have become the best of friends.  My husband Kirk and I moved to California almost three years ago from Missouri. We did not know anyone here. Finally, we joined kickball and found some like-minded people (party animals).  We are each unique in our own ways and my teammates have become some of the best friends I have ever had. I have never been closer to a group of ladies in my life. Some of us are actually inseparable. But watch out, because we aren’t just looks on the field. The ladies of T.I.T.S.S.S. know how to play as well.  The guys on the team are some of the best people too. Our entire kickball team hangs out together all the time. I would do anything for my kickball team and I know they would for me!” - Jeanne

Amanda and Becca

“Becca joined my team the Kick Heads in 2012 through a mutual friend. We became besties immediately on and off the field. She moved to Thailand for six months and when she returned she became my roommate too! We've been friends ever since!” - Amanda

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