Meet WAKA's Iron Man, Josh Gordon

Monday, January 9, 2012 - 10:44

Meet WAKA's Iron Man, Josh Gordon

Toward the end 2011, we asked you who WAKA's best customer is. Up for grabs was a free season of WAKA Kickball or Dodgeball. We heard some great stories and we appreciate all of you who turn to WAKA as a way to have a great time and meet new people.

Our winner is...Josh Gordon (he's pictured here on the right side of that picture) from Florida. And he just might be the Iron Man of kickball, WAKA's version of Cal Ripken Jr. Josh is currently playing in his 54th season! That’s over 450 games of WAKA Kickball!

Asked in an email what keeps coming him back again and again, Josh said: "I've gotta say that the best part - without trying to sound too cheesy - is the people. I've always been very social - I'm the type of person who went to college and saw it as an opportunity to make 45,000 new friends, but I can honestly say that I've met some of the best people - and made some of the best friends - in kickball... In South Florida, the kickball community is like one giant family... Other than that, I love this sport - and I'll keep on coming back as long as it's fun!"

Thanks for being a great customer, Josh! Here's to many more great seasons...including that free one you have coming to you. You've earned it!

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