Kickball Love: Kristen & Ed

Monday, February 13, 2012 - 21:42

Kickball Love: Kristen & Ed

Next up in our February series on Kickball Love, we have a story about one of our own employees, Kristen, who met her husband, Ed, while she was out recruiting new players for her league (Hey, if you want to work for WAKA like Kristen and meet people while you recruit's your chance!).

"I was a WAKA Customer Service Representative (CSR) for my local league back in 2006 and was heading up a St. Patty's Day recruitment pub crawl. At Three Dollar Deweys, our league bar, I approached a table of guys and invited them to play kickball with WAKA. One of them was Ed and he signed up the next day. A few weeks later, we met again at a pre-season mixer. By chance, we ended up playing on rival teams "The Bears" (Black) against "Shark Attack" (Royal Blue) for a few seasons," says Kristen.

But soon they decided to put their rivalry aside. "Once we started dating about a year later, we decided to play together on one team and have been ever since," explains Kristen who, along with Ed, now has an entire wardrobe of WAKA t-shirts to show for it. "Grey, Pink, Cardinal, Maroon, Chocolate, Orange, Purple, Green... 14 and 15 seasons later respectively, as I'm forever one season ahead," she says.

Kickball even made its way into their engagement and their wedding. "We got engaged at the kickball field in Denver while I was on a WAKA work trip," says Kristen. "We tied the knot in September at a fun, casual wedding complete with a bride vs. groom family kickball game!"

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