Kickball Love Stories

Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 12:29

Kickball Love Stories

Love is definitely in the air today as we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here, WAKA players share their stories about love and kickball on this special day.

Who's a better 1st baseman?

“My boyfriend and I met during the Summer Season of 2010 here in the NY Mid-Hudson league. We were at a 80's themed kickball end of season party. He was interested in my madonna lace gloves and we argued over which of us was the better first baseman. We started dating during the Summer Season of 2011 and have been together ever since. Attached is a picture of us together after our team "The Surf-Ninjas" won the 2012 NY Action league's Summer Championship. The trophy is displayed in our living room today. Thank you WAKA for bringing us together!” -Kaila

Love in NYC

“In Spring of 2010, Shawn and Dana met on the field. Despite being on opposite teams, they were able to hang out together both on and off the field. The after party scene is legit in NYC and so kicking, led to drinking, led to dancing, led to 3 years later and still loving each other and Kickball.  Shout out to the men and women who wear Balls of Glory Blue and are ready to represent in 2013. Kickball is where good things happen.”

First comes love, then comes a kickball baby

“After the game, headed to Cans for a few victory win beers with some teammates. He passed me by with one of his players and said hi, didn't think anything of it. The following week he saw me again and said hello in passing ( as he says) and didn't acknowledge him. That was the start of a challenge! He became friends with some of my teammates and ended up joining the same team I was on for the following season. As any member of the team I was friendly and became friends with him and his roommate. A bunch of my friends were going out one night uptown so through conversation I said if they wanted to meet up for a drink we would be there. Digits exchanged and sure enough he was there having a few drinks with me and my girlfriends. Many dates later we ended up dating and continuing to play kickball on a team we made filled with both of our groups of friends.  After a little over a year dating we ended up getting engaged on valentines day with the most beautiful ring that words cannot describe. Then things were moving fast. We got married that summer, buying a house the next year, and then starting our family the following year welcoming a beautiful baby girl in which we adore so much. We are so happy and celebrate valentines day everyday. We are so thankful to have met and even though we don't play kickball anymore we end up coming across our t-shirts ( which we have many of) and smile.” - Nicole C.

The Kickball Duo

“Chris and I made a LOVE connection during the Spring season in Orlando, Fl 2011. I had just moved to Orlando and joined WAKA to make new friends, who would have known I would have met my soul mate by doing this.We played on different teams for 2 season, and then on the same team for 2 seasons.We are def the kickball duo! We enjoy all the fun social activities and themes. We can wait to play again together in the Summer this year.” - Brittany L.

Kickball Love from Across the Pond

“My girlfriend Meredith and I met during spring kickball in March of 2012. It was a Thursday night game and she came along with one of my team mates, Bryan, who she knew from college. Bryan had tried to get Meredith to join our team for the spring but not knowing anyone else and being pretty shy she was a little hesitant. Later that first night celebrating another Those Guys kickball victory at the bar, I realized she was the girl I had noticed on the sideline during our game. After catching my eye again I knew I had to approach her, only then to find out that it was actually her birthday that night. Our paths continued to cross that summer due to our mutual friends so when my birthday rolled around I knew it was the perfect chance to get to know her better. I was planning to have my kickball team come to Smith Mountain Lake for a weekend of birthday festivities and to my luck she decided to come too. Showing up with my favorite dessert, homemade coconut cupcakes, she completely won me over. The next week, on my actual birthday, we went out again for trivia which was when I finally got up enough courage to ask her out. From then on she was at every WAKA Kickball game I've played, both Tuesday and Thursday nights. But soon after getting to know her she told me a relationship wouldn't be possible because in September she would be moving to England for a year. Intimidated at the thought of having a long distance girlfriend I wasn't sure things would work out either. It has now been almost a year since we first met and she is in Oxford completing a Masters in Urban Planning. While I'm still in Raleigh playing kickball. We talk everyday we can and I send her an email every night before I go to bed which she gets when she wakes up in the morning. Because of the time difference this allows us both to wake up and start our day with an email. Of course, online dating 3,800 miles apart is not ideal but we have found ways to make our relationship work. Sadly she has/will miss polar, spring, and summer season - BUT she is sporting one of my WAKA kickball shirts in England! I'm so proud of what she has already accomplished and can't wait to have her back playing on our squad in the fall!” - John L

15 Seasons Together

“My boyfriend, Jeff Bock, and I met during CA Studio’s Winter 2011 season. 15 seasons, 8 teams and 2 Founder’s Cup tournaments later, we’re still going strong -- we just celebrated our 2 year “kickball” anniversary earlier this month, when we started CA Studio’s Winter 2013 season! Thanks!” -Rachel C

A Kickball Wedding

“My name is Melissa Gallo Harp and I met my husband E. Tyler Harp through kickball.  We play in the CA Studio Division in North Hollywood, California. We were on rival teams, I was on the Valley Girls and he was on the Guy Fawkes Conservatory.  We played alongside each other for 3 years without meeting.  He was in a long term relationship with a girl who didn't play kickball and hardly went to the bar or parties.  I was the league's Social Butterfly (I was voted Biggest Flirt 3 seasons in a row!)  Tyler broke up with his girlfriend and I decided to become roommates with a girl on his team (former WAKA Rep Ariana Silver.)  One Saturday afternoon my team and Tyler's team were practicing at the park and Ariana and I decided to get lunch together afterwards before we looked at potential house.  We went to Panera Bread where Ariana's team was eating lunch.  I knew everyone eating at the table except Tyler so I said, "I know everyone except you. Hi, I'm Melissa!"  We started Facebook stalking each other, stalking turned into messaging and then after one of our games Tyler bought me a drink at our bar The Draft.  We started dating and became inseparable. Three years later and after playing on many kickball teams together, we got married this summer on July 7th.  Below is a picture from our wedding, with us are all of the married of engaged couples who met through kickball (with the exception of 3 couples!)”

League of Love

“Shane and I met during the Winter 2009 season of CA Studio. I was the WAKA rep at the time, so I made it a point to make sure to meet all the new people! I met Shane at our bar (The Draft) in February - it took a couple months, but by May we were dating. We continued to play on different teams for another few seasons. We got engaged December of 2010, married in February of 2012, and are now expecting our future kickball superstar in April! We are lucky that along the way we met a bunch of great friends who also have gotten married and some are also expecting kids. CA Studio has definitely been a league of LOVE! We are so lucky to have met when and how we did. Thank you WAKA <3” - Ariana

Collision at Third Base

I had played WAKA for 4 seasons already. John was on his rookie season with a team that wasn't doing too good - up until the playoffs! Our teams had met before - but he actually ended up missing that regular season game. The way we met was straight out of a comedy. I was on second base and John was the third baseman of the opposing team. My team mate at bat ended up kicking the ball towards 3rd base - I was determined to make it anyways (the hunch punch I drank during the game probably gave me that courage). So my first thought was "just run him over. if you push him off the base and he loses the ball - I'm safe!"...well...I bull-dozed right into him. I ended up tearing my meniscus because of it and he got a back full of bruises. Later at the bar, he came up to me and best friend (and teamate) to apologize and buy us a round of drinks. We ended up talking and found out we had a lot in common. He decided to challenge me on a game of flip cup (poor soul had no idea what he had gotten himself into - as I was self-proclaimed Flip-Cup Champ). Loser had to take the other out to dinner (well played, John Sylvia - well played). It ended up being the best first date I had ever been on. We've been together for 7 months now and are already talking about marriage!" - Carlota L.

An Engagement in Florida

“My fiance Mike Wolff and I met play kickball in South Florida, and we are getting married in July!” - Sabrina S.

Kickball Domination
“Almost 3 years ago, it was my first season as TX- Liberty President. I had been on Dixie Normous, one of the most dominate teams in the league, when a team captained by Matt McCarthy entered the league and started to go toe to toe with us. His competitive nature and unbelievable kickball skills were too much to resist so with a little liquid courage at the bar one night, I decided to give him a nice tush smack in order to introduce myself. Since then, my team has retired and I have joined his team, We Got The Runs, that has gone on to win 4 straight Championships, plus Matt and I just moved in together. (We are the cutest blended blonde-ginger couple you have ever seen, hence our kickball nicknames on our shirts- Giant Blinger & Lil Ginger.....he is 6'6, I'm 5'2 :) If our relationship in the future is anything like our chemistry and domination on the field, we will be together forever while kicking butt and taking names!” - Kelli R.

From Teammates to Soulmates

“In 2011 I, Meagan Mac, joined the local Waka league in Tallahassee, FL. I had seen the kickball shirts at one of the local bars and wanted to play so bad! A friend introduced me to a team captain and I was immediately signed up to play for the next season. The first time I met Chris he was very funny, handsome and such a perfect type :) During a mid season party, I finally got the courage to approach him and try to start talking to him. Turns out he was a whiz at fixing computers and my computer had just died on me about a week prior. Needless to say, I took the chance and ran with it! I asked him if he could take a look at my computer hoping that I could charm my way into his life :) It was a successful endeavor! After spending more and more time with him I realized that this man is my soulmate. We just had our daughter exactly one month ago and we couldn't be more excited about our little miracle. We found out I was pregnant on December 28, 2012 and had her on January 12, 2013. I was only 25 weeks along so that makes her 29 weeks now. We're hoping to take her home around April. Not only did Waka provide great memories and great times, but it also lead me to the man that I am meant to spend the rest of my days with. Waka will always have a special place in my heart :)”

Rowdy Kickball Night turns to Romance

“If it weren't for kickball I would have never met the love of my life.  It was summer 2010 CA Big Kahuna season #4 for me and well he wasn't even aware of kickball yet. Upon meeting him, lets just say I was at my finest (yeah right) I couldn't remember his name (which is Chris) so I named him Skippy.... Lets just say I must have made an impression he is now the co-captain of the team and my life. It has been a great 2 1/2 years and if it weren't for Big Kahuna and WAKA I am sure I would still be lonely and sleeping out side of the Honda Center waiting for the Dan Band concert to be over.” - Chanita H.

WAKA Staffers Find Love at the Fields

“I have my own little love story to share! Alex and I first met in WAKA Tinseltown and although we sort of knew each other, we never really spoke for 3-4 seasons. Frankly, I thought he was kind of a jerk, so although I thought he was cute, I did not have any intention on pursuing anything. A few months later, I went on a trip to Peru to re-invent myself and come back to the US ready for love, a new job and new friends. When I got home, I went to another kickball friend's birthday party and bumped into Alex and started chatting it up. I thought- 'wait, this guy isn't a jerk at all! In fact, he is really sweet!". So, I said yes to drinks and the rest is history... :)
We are now both employees of WAKA so we get to not only collaborate in our love for one another, but we get to work side by side on projects and ideas on how to make WAKA So-Cal the best place to play kickball. Now, almost one year later (on St. Patrick's Day), we will be celebrating our first of many anniversaries to come and I couldn't be happier.” - Sarah U.