Things WAKA Kickball Players Say - Kickball Quotes Spring 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013 - 11:49

Things WAKA Kickball Players Say - Kickball Quotes Spring 2013

Pretty sure we all know some kickballers who sound like this! Check out some of our favorite quotes heard at the fields and around the web this season.

“Only in WAKA Kickball could you never go into a strip club but still find glitter on yourself at work the next day.” - Darrin S.

“Add a little hop to your catch for style points (seriously though, this is the only way I can catch a ball).” - Chip M.

“I love wearing my WAKA Kickball shirt at airports! Such a great convo starter... “- Joey A.

“Getting my new cleats in the mail today for KICKBALL!! Thursday can't come soon enough!” - Louise S.

“Losing sucks. Friends don’t. #kickball” - Greg T.

“Glad that WAKA is back on, the girls are still hot, the beer is still cold, I got a hit, I got to karaoke.” - Albert V.

“Tiara on. Tutu on. Sippy cup in hand. Let’s play adult kickball.” - Michelle W.

“When trying to catch, ATTACK the ball. You're the hunter, not the hunted. Don't be afraid.” - Don P.

“Best part of kickball are the friends I’ve met and the memories we’ve made.” - Nicole S.

“That awkward moment when you strike out looking at the pitch...” - Andy B.

“I just joined the league as a free agent. Feels like starting college again!” -Chelsea W.

“Score and go home!” - Aron J.

“Summer plans? Kickball and flip cup. Nuff said.” - Bruce M.

“My favorite thing about kickball is the competitiveness and the sportsmanship... and it’s just plain fun.” - Mike C.

“I love when a great play happens and you are like, wow, that just happened.” - Tanner W.

Do you have a favorite quote from the season? Share it in the comments!