Kickball Team Logo: Design Tips from WAKA Kickball & Social Sports

Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 08:26

Kickball Team Logo: Design Tips from WAKA Kickball & Social Sports

Many WAKA teams like to design team logos that help their team stand out at the fields and the league bar. Whether the logo is printed on a team t-shirt or as a team banner, a unique design can be a fun way to show off your team’s personality and style! 
Here are some great tips from Michael Winfield, a WAKA Kickball & Social Sports Community Coordinator, about the best way to create a logo for your team:
Step 1: Come up with a logo idea
The easiest thing to do is to build the logo around your team name. The immediate image you think of often helps build the bigger picture. In our experience, literal imagery works better than the abstract.  
Variations of existing sports teams or pop-culture logos are perfect for kickball. Someone else has already done the work, just find something that fits your team name/style and tweak it to fit your needs.
Why so serious? Humor goes a long way in a logo. We're playing kickball here and not trying to sell jerseys and establish brand identity. In fact, mixing up and changing a logo for your team from season to season adds a fresh look and something exciting to look forward to for your teammates (and the rest of your league).
Don't fall in love with a design. Sometimes ideas are just bad and you can't see it yourself. That's OK! Get a fresh pair of eyes on the logo and let them point out the things that don't work. That trashcan button is just one click away...
Things to consider when designing your team logo:
Clean lines and clarity are a must. Look at corporate logos. Big, bold, clear designs stand out. Ask yourself: what do you want to do with the logo? Is this for your Facebook group? Is this going to be screen printed? Design for use, whatever that may be.

Pixels are the enemy, especially if you're thinking of screen printing on the shirt. Start with a big file, lots of dots per inch, so that once you do print it, it doesn't come out blurry.
Color choice
Which comes first the team name or the team color? Do something different. If you have the cardinal red shirt? Don't choose black as your secondary color. That's boring. Everyone has done that. Go for something crazy that stands out. Complimentary colors are your BFF.
Neon colors are still currently in, right? It's pretty hard to go wrong amping up your logo by going for a bright yellow or green or orange.
If you're stuck for colors, look to the Pros. Professional sports teams have already worked out really great secondary colors. Navy and Orange look great together, just ask the Bears and Mets.
Fair warning: Don't choose colors that you can't find for your uniform. Not everyone carries mint green socks to go with your shirt and logo.
Your ACTUAL Best Friend! The font you choose can make or break your team. Well, the logo part at least. Websites like offer a ton of free fonts that are categorized that makes searching and downloading easy. Is your team sci-fi? They have a font for it. A team of Ninjas? They have a font for it! Don't be afraid to play around. BTW, Comic Sans is no one's friend.
Screen Printing
Some logos look great on the computer, but multiple colors can get expensive if you're going to be printing them on your t-shirts. Screen printers often charge around $25 PER COLOR plus a per shirt fee. If you're going to be screening start editing your design to minimize the number of colors while keeping the logo looking strong.
Hey, goin' cheap is OK too. There is nothing wrong with iron-on logos or patches.This is often the most cost effective way to get multi-colored logos on your shirts.
Step 2: Choose a design program to build out your idea
For easy logo design, try one of these programs
Photoshop is great, but the end result can be pixelated.
Illustrator is incredible, gets the best results but you need to know the ins and outs of the program.
Microsoft Visio. This is primarily a program used for flowcharts, but you'd be surprised how effective it can be in logo design. Simple shapes and drawing tools are great for copying and tracing over other work to clean it up.
All of these can be a bit expensive but you probably have at least one teammate who owns these tools and would love to get their hands on a fun design project.
You can also try something really simple like Adobe Ideas for iOS. It’s a free app that has an easy to use drawing tool using vector based shapes. Grab a stylus and start sketching!
Still Stuck?
Go freelance. You'd be surprised how many of your friends flunked out of art school that would love to take a crack at a logo for a 30 rack of Natty Ice.
Step 3: Rock your team logo design!
Get your masterpiece out into the world by sharing it with your teammates and printing it on shirts, socks, banners, and stickers! Tweet your design experiences, photos, etc with the hashtag #WAKASmiles for a chance to be featured on the WAKA blog or in the newsletter! We look forward to hearing all about it!

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